‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq Makes a Tough Decision + Cane Goes Too Far

power book ii ghost season 1 episode 9
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On the latest episode of “Power Book II: Ghost,” Maclean and Saxe’s plan to take down Tariq together begins to fall apart. While they were on the same page at first, Ott applies more pressure to Saxe. And he makes it clear that Tasha must take the fall for Ghost’s drug-dealing past. After the two men meet with a potential witness from Tasha’s past, Ott’s interference causes them to no longer trust each other.

Saxe turns on Maclean and then decides to take him down as well as Tariq and Tasha.

Meanwhile, Tariq has other problems to worry about. He still owes 2-Bit money but he spends up the cash he owes Monet to help Tasha.

This doesn’t sit well with Monet, but before she can handle Tariq, her supplier Rico causes chaos that leaves Dru left with a gunshot wound.

Cane wanted to save his family but he gets there a little too late. Monet places all the blame on Cane for their current problems, and Cane decides to take his rage out on Ramirez.

After Tariq is informed about Saxe and Maclean’s plan, he hires Tameika to represent him in court. Not only is he ready to admit to killing Ghost, but he wants it to be known that he had no choice because Ghost was a monster. He is willing to take the stand and see to it that Tasha is released from prison.

Here’s a recap of, “Monster.”

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