‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq Does What Needs to Be Done + A Familiar Face Returns

Power Book II Ghost Season 1 Episode 10 Recap
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On the season finale of “Power Book II: Ghost,” Tariq is forced to make some tough decisions. After he comes clean to Tameika about killing Ghost, he takes the stand. Saxe grills Tariq. He asks Tariq if he saw Tasha at Truth the night Ghost was murdered. However, Tariq doesn’t answer the question. Instead, he says he saw Saxe there that night with a gun. When Saxe applies more pressure to Tariq to reveal if he saw Tasha inside Truth, Tariq then says Saxe followed him to the graveyard had someone drug him.

This shuts down Saxe and Tasha is given a new deal so she can be released from prison. However, she must agree to pin everything on Tommy.

When Tommy learns of this plan, he returns. And this puts Tasha’s life in danger.

Tariq has pressure coming from other sides. Reynolds puts everything together and confronts Tariq about what he knows. But he will keep the information to himself if Tariq agrees to allow him to write a book based on his life.

With students still being interviewed about the dead body on campus, Tasha wanting them to run, and Cane still on his neck; Tariq is forced to make decisions that keep him and Tasha safe.

Here’s a recap for, “Heart of Darkness.”

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