Will Erica Dixon & Scrappy Hash Things Out on New ‘Love And Hip Hop’ Special?

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Erica Dixon and Scrappy clashed plenty on LHHATL.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Scrappy and Erica Dixon have had a lot of ups and downs on the show. At times, it seemed as if they really wanted to make their romance work. It wasn’t easy considering that their mothers, Momma Dee and Mingnon Dixon clashed, but they still ended up getting engaged. Things didn’t work out. And after Erica began to feel like Scrappy wasn’t being faithful, she pulled the plug on the engagement. Scrappy wasn’t happy about this and he told Erica that he wanted to make things work. But he understood that he put Erica through a lot of hurtful times that she may not have been able to leave in the past.

Coparenting between them has been contentious. Things have gotten so bad that Erica said that they can only communicate now via text messages. And she feels as if that’s an immature situation for them to be in.

Will issues be hashed out on the upcoming special?

Erica also doesn’t get along with Scrappy’s wife Bambi. So she’s not thrilled that Bambi feels like she has a right to read the text messages between Scrappy and Erica so she can respond.

Well, it seems as if these problems may be addressed on the upcoming “Love And Hip Hop” special.

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