Issa Rae Discusses Why ‘Insecure’ is Ending After Season 5

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Issa Rae found success with “Awkward Black Girl” and “Insecure.”

It didn’t take long for “Insecure” to become a hit on HBO. For some viewers, they have been supporters of Issa Rae since she was on YouTube. Years before inking a deal with HBO, Issa created “Awkward Black Girl.” On the show, Issa’s character showed what it was like to be a black woman who worked a mundane job and dreamed of a better love life. She blamed many of her disappointments on being too awkward to make things the way she wanted them.

The show became a hit on YouTube. So her supporters were excited to see how “Insecure” would measure.

Turns out, “Insecure” brought something to television that was not only fresh but raw for young black people everywhere.

“Insecure” is coming to an end.

On the show, Issa’s character and her best friend Molly are trying to figure out how to get a handle on their careers and love lives. In the process, they must also confront the issues they have with each other. In fact, the recent season focused a lot on their friendship. It hit a rough patch. So some fans of the show were worried that they wouldn’t be able to fix things. But by the end of the season, both women came back together when they needed each other the most.

Interestingly enough, it’s now been confirmed that the next season of “Insecure” will be the last.

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