Wendy Williams Wants to Apologize to Evelyn Lozada

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Wendy Williams wants to make things right with Evelyn Lozada.

Well, it looks as if Wendy Williams may be ready to call a truce with Evelyn Lozada. Years ago, Wendy had some not so nice things to say after Evelyn gave birth to her son. And she said that the child was just a “cash register” for Evelyn. In return, Evelyn accused Wendy’s now ex-husband of having an affair. And she alleged that Wendy’s ex came to her shoe store to buy shoes for another woman.

Recently, on her talk show, Wendy said that she owes Evelyn apology. This came up while she was discussing the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” She was discussing the cast photo in which Shaunie was in the front.

Wendy said, “Shaunie is right there in front. Shaunie O’Neal is still the boss. She’s not the star. They tell me that the star is Evelyn Lozada, who I told you I still need to apologize to. Remember the shoes in Miami, the ex-husband and the jump-off, and the whole bid. You know what I’m talking about Ev.”

She concluded with, “You got that.”

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