After Colorism Claims, OG Explains Why She Didn’t Quit ‘Basketball Wives’

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OG blamed colorism for why she was iced out.

“Basketball Wives” returns in February. The recent season caused a lot of discussions on social media. OG felt as if she was being treated unfairly by a lot of the other women on the cast. She had issues with Feby Torres, Evelyn Lozada, Malaysia Pargo, and Kristen Scott. Although a physical altercation never occurred, she was accused of being aggressive and violent.

So when it was time to film the reunion, she was told she couldn’t sit on the stage with everyone else. So she had to film in another room with her boyfriend Kwame Alexander.

And she said that she felt she was treated differently because of colorism.

After fans question why OG didn’t leave the show, she responds.

Well, a lot of viewers agreed with OG. Shaunie O’Neal said that she was made uncomfortable around OG after she stepped in to keep an altercation from taking place between OG and Feby. And OG pushed her.

Shaunie’s comments only upset OG’s supporters who pointed out that Evelyn had multiple instances of violence on the show. And she was not iced out by the others.

OG will be on the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives.” After she promoted the new season on her Instagram page, a supporter asked her why she decided to come back.

In response to this, OG wrote, “I’M JUST HERE SO I DON’T GET FINED ? ”

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