‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Kirk Frost Shades Rasheeda’s Mother

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Kirk Frost and Shirleen Harvell don’t have the best relationship.

When it comes to marriages that have been through a lot, “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Kirk Frost and Rasheeda have lived that on the small screen. After Kirk had a baby outside of the marriage, Rasheeda’s mom Shirleen Harvell was furious. In a moment of rage, she ran over Kirk’s bike with her car. Since then, they haven’t had the best relationship. This hasn’t changed much despite the fact that Rasheeda and Kirk were able to save their marriage.

On the recent season, Kirk made his annoyance of Shirleen known when she wasn’t doing the best job of helping Rasheeda out with her store.

And Kirk’s dislike of Shirleen is also made clear again on the upcoming episode of “Love And Hip Hop Unlocked.”

Kirk Frost throws a jab.

Kendall Kyndall has the cast guess who used props in the past to get a shady point across to a foe.

Producers play the scene in which A1 Bentley was shady and bought Lyrica Anderson’s mom Lyrica Garrett a waist trainer. She got angry and almost came to blows with A1’s mom Pam Bentley.

Kendall then says, “Rasheeda…I just want to know what would happen if Kirk gave Shirleen one?”

In response to this, Rasheeda says, “Oh sh*t, she probably would have attacked him.”

Kirk gets shady and says, “She can’t fit one.”

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