Natalie Nunn And Tommie Lee Drag Each Other Ahead of Boxing Match

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn have been clashing on social media.

“Bad Girls Club” star Natalie Nunn recently made her debut on Zeus Network thanks to her appearance on “The Conversation.” She had a heated conversation with other stars from the show. And now she has set her sights on “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tommie Lee.

Recently, the two women agreed that they would face off in a boxing ring and the fight will be filmed for Zeus Network.

While both originally said they had no beef and it would just be for entertainment, it seems as if that has now changed.

Hours ago, they had some words for each other on Instagram Live. As the insults begin to fly, Tommie took shots at Natalie’s looks and she urged the “Bad Girls Club” star to get some work done.

Tommie said, “You need a real BBL and some Lipo, b*tch.”

She added, “I told you, b*tch, You should be my friend instead of trying to be my enemy. You know you don’t want that. We know you don’t want that, b*tch.”

As for Natalie, she came for Tommie’s past with alcoholism. Natalie said, “I get to the bag, you get to the bottle.”

She continued, “Girl, this is not Love And Hip Hop. Do not come into the set drunk. You gon get knocked the f*ck out. I give you thirty seconds or less.”

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