‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta’ Star Tommie Lee Accuses Akbar V of Using Her Name for Clout

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

After Akbar V expresses interest in boxing Tommie Lee, she’s accused of wanting clout.

Tommie Lee has been in the headlines lately ever since she seemed to be open to stepping into a boxing ring with Natalie Nunn. However, the “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star ended up going back and forth with Natalie on social media before hands could be thrown.

Now she’s back at it with Akbar V. Tommie wasn’t feeling it after Akbar said that she would also see Tommie in a boxing ring for a check. Years ago, Akbar claimed she beat up Tommie in a recording studio.

Once Akbar’s words went viral, Tommie accused Akbar of using her for clout.

On Instagram, Tommie said, “B*tches been using Tommie for clout like it’s nothing new to us. We just sit back and laugh. They been…they been…your whole career is Tommie, b*tch.”

In response to this, Akbar said, “What type of clout y’all b*tches got? I wanna know cause b*tch you was on ‘Love And Hip Hop,’ I was on ‘Love & Hip Hop.’ I’m a rapper, you take Fashion Nova pictures. I wasn’t even trying to be funny. I’m just basically just saying sh*t, I’ll hot box you. I don’t got no smoke with you. I just seen you. It ain’t no smoke with me, I was just basically saying I’d box you.”

She added, “Then you talk about I’m trying to come up off you. What you got that I don’t got? Tell me cause I’m lost. Never been no clout chaser. You don’t wanna box? Aight. We gon leave it at that. Everything cool.”

A check was the motivation.

Tommie had more to say, “B*tches don’t wanna fight me, they want a bag. It’s looking like motherf*ckers starving out there.”

She continued, “It’s looking like they hungry. Everybody wanna f*ck with Tommie, huh? Everybody wanna f*ck with Tommie.”

Tommie is over it, “Fight the streets, fight them apartments cause them not condos. Fight that poverty y’all going through. That’s what y’all can fight.”

Akbar responded with, “I don’t even like talking bout money cause it really ain’t…when I say it’s on the floor, it’s on the floor. Yeah, b*tch, you ain’t got more money than me. I just know people are going to go crazy, sh*t. And we were gonna get a bag. I don’t need…I’ll decline it. You know what’s happening with me.”

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