‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’ Recap: Miss Wanda Spills Tea + Melody’s Mom Comes for Martell

LAMH Season 2 Episode 12 Recap
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On tonight’s, “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” Martell and Melody’s marriage is showing no signs of being rebuilt. In fact, they cannot stand each other. Melody goes off on Martell when Martell accuses Melody of cheating. This occurs when Martell shows up at Melody’s new home, which she moved into as he wouldn’t move out of their current home.

Meanwhile, Marsau’s ready to build a legacy for the Scott family. He wants to build upon acres of land in his home town with Kimmi and Maurice involved. While Maurice’s ready to be neighbors with his brother, Kimmi isn’t sure she wants to give up her space. She’s frustrated LaTisha keeps questioning her loyalty.

Lastly, Martell meets with his broker who tells it like it is. However, Martell’s shocked when investors are close to pulling out of a development deal he’s part of. Melody’s mom Vanessa also calls out Martell when she learns from Melody about a possible side-baby. She’s not the only one talking about it either as Miss Wanda spills the tea to LaTisha and Marsau. However, he has a word of his own for Wanda when reveals tidbits about her marriage.

Here’s the recap for “Martelling Like it is.”

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