‘Basketball Wives’ Star Shaunie O’Neal Disccuses Evelyn Lozada & OG + Colorism Accusations

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Is there a possibility that Evelyn Lozada and OG can move forward?

Shaunie O’Neal received a lot of backlash after the recent season of “Basketball Wives.” As things worsened between Evelyn Lozada and OG, people had a lot to say about the situation on social media. OG was not allowed to film the reunion with the rest of the cast, and some cast members said that they felt she was too violent and aggressive. So they feared for their safety. As for OG, she didn’t find this to be logical, seeing as she had never been involved in any physical altercation on the show. Meanwhile, Malaysia had previously thrown a table at Jennifer Williams. And Evelyn has had her own past violent incidents, including a recent one in which she ran up on Cece Gutierrez with a bamboo stick. However, no one on the cast refused to film with them after these incidents. So OG believed she was a victim of colorism.

With season 9 premiering this week, some viewers are wondering how things can possibly play out now after such a contentious season.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shaunie was asked if it’s possible that Evelyn and OG can move forward in a positive direction on the new season.

In response to this, Shaunie said, “I’m gonna say like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible. That’s all.”

Will colorism be discussed?

And when Shaunie was asked if the colorism situation will be addressed on the show, she said, “I would say that that is OG’s experience. And that she needs to speak for that because you know, I can’t speak for something that, you know, I didn’t experience. So out of respect for her, I will allow her to handle that particular subject. And deal with that being that it was her experience.”

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