‘Basketball Wives’ Stars Jennifer Williams & Evelyn Lozada Shade OG + OG Claps Back

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Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams get shady.

“Basketball Wives” star OG finished the previous season on good terms with Jennifer Williams, Jackie Christie, and Cece Gutierrez. And since Cece decided not to return for season 9, it seemed as if OG’s crew would be Jennifer and Jackie. However, it looks as if OG and Jennifer are no longer on good terms. As the latest episode aired, Jennifer and Evelyn took to Twitter to throw some shade. As we told you recently, Evelyn and Jennifer are back on friendly terms.

The Twitter shade started with Evelyn accusing someone of faking a storyline and renting the home they were filming the show in.

She tweeted, “It’s the fake house/fake storyline for me ??‍♀️  Make it make sense. #BasketballWives”

Evelyn then clarified she wasn’t referring to Jennifer, “My previous “house” tweet has nothing to do with Jennifer #BasketballWives LET ME CLARIFY THAT!”


Jennifer then chimed in. She tweeted, “Whew it’s the lies and the rented house for me… #BasketballWives”

She also responded to Evelyn’s tweet with, “That d*mn part!!! We don’t rent we buy as Jay Z said…”

Later, Jennifer would specify to a follower that she was referring to OG, “Started with an O and ends with a G.”

And she had more to say, “For clarity I don’t have a problem with people renting a house. It’s when you have production rent you a house and you fronting like it’s yours!!! #basketballwives”

OG claps back.

Well, OG responded. She called Jennifer the “fakest one” and accused her of faking a private jet ride.

There’s also this, too:

Jennifer responded when an Instagram user asked her if she had something to say about OG accusing her of faking a private jet ride.

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