‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Stars Drew Sidora & LaToya Ali Call out Kenya Moore

Photo Credit: Bravo

Drew Sidora fires back at Kenya Moore.

After the recent episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” people have a lot of questions about what actually happened at Cynthia Bailey’s surprise bachelorette party. But Kenya Moore is determined to get to the bottom of it more so than anyone else. And she truly believes that two of the women hooked up with Bolo.

On the upcoming episode, she continues to investigate. While the women are at dinner, Kenya brings up the situation. And LaToya Ali says to Drew Sidora, “Was it you at 6 o’clock in the morning that Kenya was talking about?”

Kenya then says, “Are we saying that it was Drew?”

Drew is fed up at this point. She tells Kenya, “Don’t be saying that it’s Drew, don’t be throwing that sh*t out there like it’s cute because we don’t do that.”

She continues, “We don’t throw things out and assume sh*t. Are you having regrets or feeling guilty about something because your legs were busted wide open, so…while you’re trying to figure out everybody else and what they were doing.”

LaToya Ali irritates Kenya Moore amid the Bolo questions.

Kenya says that she’s not really trying to figure anything out but also says, “I pretty much think that it’s obvious, I mean we have this party. Yes, you guys had fun. Yes, you guys were very s*xual.”

LaToya interjects, “Why were you investigating a girls’ thing?”

In response to this, Kenya says, “Because I want to. Simple as that.”

Kenya says more in a green screen interview. And it’s clear she was irritated by LaToya’s question, “Clearly, all of the peach juice she slurped up last night has gone to her brain.”

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