‘Basketball Wives’ Recap: OG Reveals Hurtful Moment from Childhood + Malaysia Reconsiders

basketball wives season 9 episode 4 recap
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On the recent episode of “Basketball Wives,” the ladies continue to share their feelings about OG’s conversation with Kristen. Their talk about colorism didn’t go well. And both women felt like the other didn’t hear them out. While OG is adamant she experienced colorism, Jennifer says she can’t relate. So Evelyn and the others are starting to feel like the door to rekindling with Jennifer isn’t shut for good. As for OG, she reveals a past moment from childhood is something that still hurts her.

Sisters Nia and Noria make their debut to the show. And they also lost a loved one from Covid. Their father passed away from it suddenly and it’s been hard for them to cope. One of the toughest parts about his death is they weren’t allowed to visit him at the hospital.

The passing of their father is something Jennifer relates to. She’s still hurting from her mother’s death.

Malaysia begins to soften up on hashing things out with Jackie. So she tells Evelyn she wants Jackie to come over so they can confront their past issues. However, the tension between them is still thick.

Here’s a recap for, “Episode 4.”

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