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RHOA Recap: Kenya is Done with LaToya + Falynn Runs up on LaToya After Heated Exchange

RHOA Season 13 Episode 14

Photo Credit: Bravo TV

Marlo gives Kenya an update about LaToya.

Kenya and Falynn go to Marlo’s showroom for her designer clothes. She will be renting out her clothes, not selling them. While they are all there, Falynn invites them to her upcoming Halloween party. Everyone has to dress up in costumes.

After Falynn leaves to prep for the Halloween get-together, Marlo and Kenya catch up.

Marlo tells Kenya that while they were at Shamea’s Nieces Party, LaToya told everyone that Marc filed for divorce and wants alimony. The whole situation turned Marlo off from LaToya. For Kenya, she feels like LaToya just isn’t loyal. And now she has crossed the line.

Drew discusses adoption with her mother.

As Drew talks to her mom Jeanette about their family roots, Jeanette talks about her family being from Louisiana. She was adopted and she’s not interested in looking for her biological father. This is something Drew understands since Ralph adopted her son. His father was in prison but now wants to form a relationship.

Cynthia and Mike make more plans.

Mike and Cynthia grab a bite to eat. They discuss keeping their separate houses but also buying one together in Atlanta. Drew FaceTimes Cynthia and tells her she’s planning a girls’ trip to New Orleans. She’s going for business but wants to have a good time, too. Drew also plans on doing a better job hosting the trip than Kenya did for the South Carolina one. A private jet will be rented for everyone.

Josiah speaks his mind.

Drew and Ralph discuss the fact that their son Josiah’s biological father has been reaching out. At this point, Drew doesn’t even know how to talk about this. She’s tearful at the fact that she feels Ralph is all the father Josiah needs.

Ralph consoles her.

In a green screen interview, Drew says Josiah’s father went to prison before he was born. Although Josiah isn’t really interested in forming a relationship with his biological father, both Drew and Ralph feel like he needs to make an attempt so he won’t have regrets later.

They try to talk him into it, but Josiah says he doesn’t want to talk to his biological father at the moment. But he says he may change his mind in the future.

Kenya confronts LaToya.

Falynn turns her house into a haunted house. It took three days. Falynn is Medusa. Shamea an astronaut. Kenya comes dressed up as a Native American (Drew thinks this is problematic). Kandi comes as a cheetah. Cynthia as hand sanitizer. And Drew comes dressed as the “Cats” broadway show. And LaToya as a dead mermaid.

LaToya says Falynn’s home is beautiful and this is what one gets when they marry a 65-year-old man. Not too long after, LaToya demands a drink be given to her by a servant. She also says that Falynn “came up” and started off with humble beginnings in the hood. Her actions confuse the others and Falynn tries not to cause a scene, so she gets LaToya a drink.

Kenya eventually pulls LaToya to the side to express her issues. LaToya says she told Kenya’s business about Marc to defend her. Regardless, Kenya doesn’t believe LaToya is loyal. But LaToya disagrees.

While they are still talking, Porsha shows up to the party dressed as a domestic cat.

LaToya says Kenya’s business was already out there and Kandi even spoke to her about it. Kenya doesn’t like that LaToya used her business to defend her actions regarding Bolo when she doesn’t think she did anything wrong. And in her opinion, sleeping with a stripper is much worse.

With LaToya not understanding this, Kenya decides to walk away.

Porsha tells LaToya what she thinks about her past comments.

LaToya says the party is boring and she’s ready to leave. She asks Kenya to walk her out but Kenya refuses. So Porsha does instead. When Porsha and LaToya get outside, they discuss LaToya telling everyone about what happened with Marc. Porsha thinks that was wrong for LaToya to do but LaToya feels like Kenya is really upset that she kissed Porsha at the bachelorette party.

Falynn is ready to run up.

Before LaToya can leave, she gets into it with Falynn. She tells Falynn her house isn’t actually hers and questions if she has three baby daddies. The others try to restrain Falynn but she’s had enough. She tries to run up on LaToya and grabs a golf club but security is able to finally restrain her. At this point, the party is over. And the group is starting to see that LaToya is a problem. Her drinking may also be the root of the problem.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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