RHOA Recap: Drew Exposes LaToya + Things Worsen Between Marlo & Porsha

RHOA Season 13 Episode 15
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Kenya is paying attention.

The ladies arrive in New Orleans via private jet as Drew promised. In a green screen interview, Kenya points out that she’s the only one yet again who brought her daughter on the trip even though Drew said everyone could bring their children along. As for Porsha, she says that she just wanted the option extended. But she never said she would bring her daughter because this is still a girls’ trip.

LaToya says she’s not drinking. And Kenya is happy about this because she hasn’t been feeling LaToya’s actions as of late.

Booty bouncing isn’t on Kenya’s agenda.

Drew gets the keys to their suites. And she gives Cynthia the best one since she couldn’t sing at her wedding. As for everyone else, Drew wants the other ladies to booty bounce and compete for the other suites since they are all different sizes.

Kenya isn’t feeling this and says she’s not degrading herself. So she just wants Drew to give her a key already. In a green screen interview, Drew says she doesn’t see the issue since Kenya paid for her booty. So bouncing it shouldn’t be a big deal.

Regardless, Drew gives in and hands Kenya a set of keys. In a green screen interview, Porsha says that maybe Kenya didn’t want to booty bounce for good reason because her booty cheeks look like they hurt.

Drew strikes out with Kenya.

Kenya ends up upgrading her room because it’s too regular for her. And Cynthia tells Drew and Porsha she may have to talk to Kenya and get her to perk up some more so they can all enjoy their trip.

When the ladies get ready to head out, Kenya tells everyone she upgraded her room. In a green screen interview, Kenya says it was messy for Drew to give her such a small room when she knows Brooklyn is with her. So she’s really not feeling Drew.

Kandi FaceTimes everyone while they are on the bus and says that she’s prepping to film her latest project. She will meet them in New Orleans later on.

LaToya and Drew clash, again.

After the ladies ride bikes and learn a bit more about the New Orleans culture, they grab a bite to eat. Marlo FaceTimes Drew and says that she stayed behind because she was having back pain. LaToya returns to the table and Kenya asks her what’s wrong. She tells Kenya she’s frustrated about something but she doesn’t want to talk about it. After things get quiet at dinner, LaToya hopes the trip won’t be as boring as Falynn’s party. Cynthia says it was wrong for LaToya to disrespect Falynn’s husband in her home.

Kenya feels like LaToya has been coming for Falynn for no reason.

But LaToya has no regrets. She gets even testier after Drew asks if LaToya isn’t drinking because she doesn’t want another messy drunk moment. LaToya gets irritated and says she doesn’t feel like drinking and calls Drew a b*tch.

Porsha asks for clarification that she’s calling Drew out her name.

A revelation is made that upsets LaToya.

Drew says that LaToya is being fake because LaToya told her that she would stop drinking. Apparently, LaToya met Drew’s driver and they had a heart to heart about LaToya’s drinking. So her driver invited LaToya to church and at church, LaToya told Drew she wanted to detox. And the driver introduced the pastor to LaToya.

Drew thought they could be friends but now LaToya isn’t being transparent.

As for Kenya, she thinks Drew is bullying LaToya by sharing this information.

LaToya says she doesn’t have a drinking problem, but she didn’t drink that much until she started hanging out with everyone else. So she’s learning that she’s not that much of a drinker. But she gets annoyed with the conversation and decides to leave the restaurant.

Kenya follows behind her and says that LaToya needs to be careful who she tells her business to. Both women leave in a taxi.

Porsha has concerns about Marlo.

Later on back in Cynthia’s room, Kenya tells Cynthia that Drew comes off as a bully. And she’s bullying LaToya.

Shamea, Drew, and Porsha discuss Marlo. At this point, Porsha is starting to wonder if she ever head a real friendship with Marlo. But things changed the moment Marlo made up with Kenya. And it really seems like Marlo is bonding with Kenya over the Bolo allegations.

Drew is getting ready for a full day of work. She has meetings for possible acting gigs and interviews. She’s going to take Cynthia with her to her iHeart interview.

Kandi makes it to New Orleans.

Tension worsens between Porsha and Marlo.

The ladies go to a Zydeco and twerking class while Drew and Cynthia go to her iHeart interview. After the class, Porsha pulls Marlo to the side so they can talk. Porsha points out that Kenya went to Marlo’s showroom before she got a chance to. But Marlo says that Kenya invited herself. And she thinks the real issue is Porsha can’t trust her now that she’s friends with Kenya again.

For Porsha, she says Marlo’s energy changed as soon as she got back cool with Kenya. Marlo thinks Porsha is the one who changed.

Before they rejoin the others, Marlo asks if what Kenya said about Porsha and Bolo is true. Porsha says that nothing Kenya has said was true. Porsha doesn’t like that Marlo asked her this and she questions why Kenya feels so comfortable enough to say these things around Marlo.

Marlo says that she will check Kenya the next time she brings up the accusations. They get emotional and hug it out.

While the others are on the bus, Kenya calls out Shamea. Both Kenya and LaToya accuse Shamea of being Porsha’s lapdog.

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