‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Star Marlo Hampton Goes off on Porsha Williams & Kenya Moore

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Marlo Hampton is over it.

Things are about to get much worse between Marlo Hampton and Porsha Williams. In fact, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars are clashing over Marlo’s reconciliation with Kenya Moore.

Marlo wants to maintain friendships with both women. However, Kenya’s belief that Porsha hooked up with Bolo during Cynthia Bailey’s surprise bachelorette party is making that very hard.

Kenya has had conversations with Marlo about what she believes happened, and Porsha isn’t comfortable with this. She thinks a true friend wouldn’t engage someone who is spreading these kinds of rumors about someone they are supposed to be close to.

On the upcoming episode, Marlo confronts both women while they are all having dinner with New Orleans legend Big Freedia. Now Kenya thinks it’s messy for Marlo to bring up the Bolo situation in front of Freedia, however, Marlo has had enough.

Kandi Burruss thinks Marlo is causing the drama by interjecting herself in Porsha and Kenya’s issues. In a green screen interview, Kandi says, “I definitely feel like Marlo has put herself in the middle of this whole Kenya and Porsha mess, unnecessarily. Nobody asked her to be in this.”

Kandi tells Marlo, “You can just move forward with both friends and be happy.”

During the conversation, Kenya says she’s not lying and she knows Porsha hooked up with Bolo. Marlo then reiterates to Porsha that Kenya isn’t backing down and Porsha says, “I no longer have anything else to say.”

Marlo gets fed up when Porsha and Kenya don’t agree that they keep talking about each other to Marlo. As Marlo gets up from the table to leave, she says, “Address each other and stop running around these f*cking flowers. I’ma do you…I’ma do you, and I’ma do you, goodnight. With y’all fake a*sses. Goodnight, fake a*s b*tches.”

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