Marlo Hampton Gives Porsha Williams a Warning + Accuses Porsha of Using Her for a Storyline

Photo Credit: Bravo

Fans of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” who were hoping Porsha Williams and Marlo Hampton would “fix it” will just have to continue to be disappointed. In fact, things seemed to have worsened between them since the cast filmed the reunion for season 13.

So Marlo didn’t hold anything back when she discussed Porsha during a recent interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked.

Of course, she wasn’t here for Porsha accusing her of clout chasing and riding NeNe Leakes’ coattails.

In the interview, Marlo said, “I don’t know what the f*ck Porsha did in that bedroom. I wasn’t in there. But b*tch you getting too mad and coming too slick out the mouth talking…you saw the article where she was talking bout I was clout chasing?” She continued, “B*tch, how am I clout chasing? I bring the clout. You feel me? How the f*ck am I clout chasing? Are you f*cking for real? What you need to do homegirl, cause I know you’re watching…leave me alone, okay? Before I tell what really f*cking happened and what I really saw and everything I saw, okay? Just keep my name…don’t make me any more of your storyline. We’re off-season right now, Porsha.”

For Marlo, she believes Porsha showed her true colors, “We good, ma. You showed me you a fake a*s friend.”


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