RHOA Recap: Drew Makes More Accusations About LaToya + Marlo is Put on Blast

RHOA Season 13 Episode 17
Photo Credit: Bravo

Porsha ignores Marlo.

While at Kandi’s tasting event for her new restaurant Blaze Steak & Seafood, Marlo speaks to Porsha. But Porsha decides not to respond. She tells the others that she doesn’t think this is the place for them to talk or have any drama.

A little later, Marlo apologizes to everyone for her actions in New Orleans, including Porsha.

Marc is back.

Kenya pulls Kandi to the side and tells her Marc just got to Atlanta for Brooklyn’s birthday party. He came early and he didn’t tell her he was coming. And it’s awkward because they have to go to court the following Tuesday. For Kenya, she’s afraid to pull the plug on the marriage. She says she fears what the future holds.

In a green screen interview, Kandi says that Kenya should move on because it doesn’t seem like Marc wants to save the marriage. With all of this going on, Kenya congratulates Kandi on her new venture and leaves early to face Marc.

Marlo is put on blast.

As the gang is eating the food, Marlo says she feels bad going off in front of Big Freedia. She texted an apology to Porsha but Porsha didn’t answer. Porsha asks how Marlo’s back is feeling. Shamea says that she heard that Marlo got lipo right before the New Orleans trip.

This, of course, makes everyone at the table feel uncomfortable.

In a green screen interview, Marlo says Porsha needs to stop coming for her because Kandi told her she heard her sleeping with Polo.

Regardless, Porsha believes it was hypocritical for Marlo to accuse Porsha of being a liar when she lied about having back pain when the issue was she just got lipo.

As the tension grows, Marlo decides to call it a night and head back home.

LaToya is blocking Drew’s blessing?

Drew tells Ralph that Prophet Lott is no longer doing their baby’s blessing. And she blames LaToya for this because LaToya’s mom said that LaToya bought a hotel room for the prophet. They have been spending a lot of time together and the man had a baby and fiancee so this is so messy to Drew.

Drew spreads the info.

It’s the day of Cynthia’s black business pop-up shop. Porsha is helping her host the event. Kenya isn’t there but she sent a representative for Kenya Moore Hair Care.

Marlo comes in and stops by Porsha’s table for her bed sheet line. Even though they have some tension, Marlo still buys some sheets.

Kandi and Drew are also there. They catch up and Drew tells Kandi that LaToya is messing around with Prophet Lott. And she was told that LaToya didn’t come to Kandi’s tasting event because she didn’t want to face Drew now that the news is out.

LaToya finds out what Drew has been saying.

When LaToya gets there, Kandi repeats what Drew told her. LaToya says the prophet is more of her life coach and definitely not her boyfriend.

After all the ladies get together at Cynthia’s event, Kandi brings up what Drew told her to LaToya and the others. And Drew says Prophet Lott called her and told her LaToya was upset that Drew knew they were dating.

Drew confronts LaToya.

LaToya says she’s not entertaining Drew. Cynthia then tells everyone that LaToya told her that she starting seeing someone from Texas. Prophet Lott is from Texas and broke up with his fiancee for LaToya. Regardless, LaToya denies all of this. She says he was just her spiritual advisor.

Drew says that LaToya’s actions caused Prophet Lott to cancel her baby’s blessing. And she thinks LaToya is preying on a prophet. This doesn’t sit well with Kandi and she’s not understanding why the prophet isn’t being held responsible for his possible actions.

So Kandi tells Drew that the prophet is a grown man and it’s possible that he was the one preying on LaToya. After some words are exchanged between Drew and LaToya, LaToya leaves the event early.

The women discuss Marc and the accusations made by Drew.

Kenya invites Cynthia, LaToya, Kandi, and Marlo to her house. It’s Marlo’s first time there. In a green screen interview, Kenya says that she and Marlo actually fought after she didn’t invite Marlo over after she first moved into her home.

Kenya shows off her boobs after getting a breast reduction.

She also reads off text messages from Marc telling her he wants to try to go therapy and visit Atlanta more so they can work things out.

They then discuss the accusations Drew made about LaToya. Kenya thinks all of this is a bunch of BS and she’s not a perfect Christian herself.

LaToya says Drew needs to leave her alone and get on a treadmill because she’s single and so is the prophet.

The Prophet speaks.

LaToya FaceTimes the prophet and asks if he was ever doing Drew’s baby’s blessing. He said there was some confusion involving LaToya but he never got a call back about the baby’s blessing.

The prophet says he had a friendship with Drew’s assistant, and everyone got upset when they found out that he was spiritually advising LaToya. And he never had an intimate relationship with LaToya.

He also tells them that he was actually engaged three years ago. So he never ended an engagement because of LaToya.

What are your thoughts on the episode?


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