‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Al Sharpton & Ben Crump Speak + Toya’s Intelligence is Questioned

married to medicine season 8 episode 7
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The group heads to DC for the march.

Kari comes by to hang out with Toya at her house. With the group heading to DC to participate in the march and for the doctors to do mobile Covid testing, Toya invites Kari to go as well. Kari has been participating in the Black Lives Matter protests. So Toya doesn’t think it should be an issue. However, she knows that things can go left with Heavenly.

When it’s time for the group to load up on the private jet, Heavenly isn’t thrilled to see Kari and Lisa Nicole there. In a green screen interview, Heavenly says Toya could have at least told her they were coming. But she isn’t pressed when Lisa doesn’t speak to her. She’s not interested in talking to Lisa either.

Al Sharpton speaks.

The group arrives in DC and everyone loves the rental house that Heavenly picked out. So they begin the process of trying to grab the best rooms. Of course, Heavenly and Damon have the master and best room.

Reverend Al Sharpton comes by the house to meet to everyone ahead of the march. He talks about his passion for activism. And he explains that he was driven to be a part of the Civil Rights Movement when he was younger. Even though the march is important in the fight for equality, he wants the doctors to understand that them coming to test people for Covid is so important. And he’s grateful that there are now great black doctors able to do things like that. Black people weren’t always allowed to attend medical school and become doctors. So a lot of progress has been made.

Ben Crump inspires the group.

Attorney Ben Crump also comes by. He discusses how important the fight against police brutality is. Eugene asks where Ben thinks police reform will be in the future. He’s not sure but hopes that some serious changes will be made. It will be a long fight. In a green screen interview, Eugene says his dad was a police officer. And he always told Eugene that two places a black man never wants to be is in jail and in the military.

The doctors also discuss having to deal with racist patients. It’s really difficult but they refuse to let it break them down. For Damon, he had someone apologize to him after being racist. So Damon feels like that interaction could have changed the man’s mind about black people.

Ben understands this and says that the beautiful thing is that black people remain resilient no matter what obstacles given.

After he leaves, everyone thanks Heavenly and Damon for putting together such a great evening.

Kari makes some accusations.

Contessa and Scott have a little fight over putting the kids in homeschool and having Contessa teach them. She doesn’t want to do this because she doesn’t want to have to cut back on work. As they argue about this in front of the group, it’s really awkward.

While the doctors are doing the testing at the protest, Kari tells Toya and Anila that Heavenly and Contessa said that they want her to come over to the “intelligent side” with them. Toya is annoyed and Anila says that anyone can be a dentist.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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