Joseline Hernandez Accuses Wendy Williams of Being Harder on Women of Color

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As Joseline Hernandez pressed on, Wendy Williams had enough.

Wendy Williams‘ interview with Joseline Hernandez went off the rails just as soon as it began. While Joseline wanted Wendy to understand she just wants respect and her flowers while she’s still alive, Wendy just wanted the interview to get back on track. But she got fed up and let Joseline know that she’s not the only one who wants respect and feels undervalued.

Wendy told Joseline, “You feel undervalued? Well, so do I. Joseline, because you’re part of pop culture, this is what I do. But if you possibly think that I leave here every day and don’t feel undervalued for something that I do, you know, as a woman, we’re not even gonna talk about race, just as a woman, I still don’t make that dollar for dollar men make. So please, anyway, Shoe Cam, please. Let me see your shoes.”

Joseline Hernandez doesn’t believe Wendy Williams supports women enough.

But Joseline wouldn’t back down, “I’m making pretty good money. I own my own show so you should be doing the same thing. But as a woman to woman, woman to woman, and this is not about men. Woman to woman, we should uphold each other higher, not go against each other or compare woman to other woman when every woman in the game, especially pop culture, is handling their business and is doing great…doing amazing. There’s no other girl who came from television…I came from the gutter. I came from the streets.”

She continued, “Give me that respect, Wendy Williams.”

Joseline then brought up Wendy’s past, “We love you but at the same time, you have to do better. You’re not in an abusive relationship anymore. You don’t deal with that man anymore. You should be in a better place. And when people come on your show, especially black culture, you should be nicer to us, the ladies, you should respect us and give us our flowers while we’re here. And you should tell us how proud you are of what we’ve done in the streets.”

In response, Wendy said she’s not proud of everyone and she believes in tough love, “Well, I’m not proud of all. And what I’ve been through makes me even harder on young women. You can do better. Now can we get back to the show at hand? Can I see your shoes, please?”

Wendy Williams is accused of being harder on people of color.

Joseline felt like Wendy brushed her off and had nothing to say about her feelings. And Wendy became more irritated, “I just said what I said.” She added, “I don’t apologize for anything. This is what I do. Let me see your shoes. Joseline…”

At this point, Joseline accused Wendy of being harder on women of color, “But you only do it to the young, black, Spanish girls coming up. You don’t do it to anybody else.” Wendy said, “I don’t?” And Joseline responded with, “No, you don’t. You take it so much differently than you do for people of color. And it’s true. It’s true.”

Joseline went on to tell Wendy that she’s not going to allow Wendy or anyone else to disrespect her ever again. And people need to give her flowers while she is still alive.

Despite the tension, Wendy Williams had some positive things to say.

As the interview went on, Wendy did give Joseline her flowers, “It’s not just your looks, it’s also your personality, you know, you have a very unique way of delivering your message. And you embrace it.” Joseline remained on ready, “Not more unique than the one you do, than you deliver the message.”

But Wendy was ready, too, “That’s why I have the number one show and you can be number two.” Joseline then said that she doesn’t want to be number one or take Wendy’s spot as Wendy was here before her. And Wendy told Joseline she understood her feelings, “You want your fair share of the pie and you’re getting it. I appreciate you being here. I apologize that you’re so angry with me.” She added, “I can only be me.”

Joseline denied being angry, and producers told Wendy to wrap up the interview for a commercial break, “Joseline, my Puerto Rican Princess, good luck with everything. You really have always been a go-getter with that drive to make it on your own. So I trust that it won’t stop.”

You can check out a clip below.

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