‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Contessa Vents About Scott + Heavenly & Quad Hash Things Out

married to medicine season 8 episode 9
Photo Credit: Bravo

On the latest episode of “Married to Medicine,” Contessa opens up to the ladies about her current issues with Scott. They have been having lots of tension. And at this point, Contessa thinks Scott may be going through a midlife crisis. When she is asked if Scott’s changes could mean he’s cheating on her, Contessa isn’t sure. Her comments about Scott catch the others off guard. But Contessa is more focused on getting things right with Scott than preserving their image with the others.

While Heavenly isn’t on the best terms with Toya, she decides she won’t allow that to hinder her from getting to know Anila for herself. But she’s not so eager to make things right with Quad. So when they see each other at Jackie’s house after a nasty blow-up on social media, the conversation goes left quickly. However, Jackie is able to get both women to finally hear each other out.

Here’s a recap of, “Let the Emojis Fly.”

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