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‘Married to Medicine’ Stars Quad Webb & Toya Bush-Harris Go Off on Each Other

Photo Credit: Bravo

Toya Bush-Harris and Quad Webb clash.

Quad Webb has just about had it with Toya Bush-Harris. In fact, she recently said she will have some receipts for Toya at the “Married to Medicine” reunion. After Toya said that Quad was living in a “bullsh*t a*s apartment,” Quad was livid. She went on to tell Dr. Heavenly Kimes that Toya can’t afford the house she and Dr. Eugene Harris live in. Plus, she accused Toya of taking out a personal loan to get a pool.

On the upcoming episode, Quad invites the ladies to her place. Heavenly tells Quad what Toya said on Instagram Live, “She said your sh*t was little and it was some bullsh*t. That’s what she said.”

In a green screen interview, Toya says she said all of this because she was drunk, “When I joined in on Cecil’s Instagram Live, let’s be clear, she was tipsy!” She continues, “When I said what I said, bullsh*t a*s apartment, I didn’t know what she lived in. She could have lived in a box.”

Back at Quad’s place, she asks Toya if she lives in a “bullish*t a*s apartment.” In response to the question, Toya says, “Quad you’re full of sh*t. I’ve been nothing but a friend to you.”

Things get heated and the women end up in each other’s faces. Quad says, “Lying a*s b*tch. Fake a*s b*tch.” She adds, “She’s faker than a f*cking mannequin. B*tch is a motherf*cking mannequin. Tell that b*tch to stand in a corner and pose because she’s a motherf*cking mannequin.”

The women have to be separated and it’s clear that their feud is far from over.

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