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‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Things Worsen Between Anila & Toya + Lisa Responds to Accusations

married to medicine season 9 episode 14

Photo Credit: Bravo

Anila has a theory about Toya.

Anila goes to Quad’s house. They discuss the fact that Anila’s custom house is bigger than Toya’s. And Anila thinks that could be one of the issues that Toya has with her. For Quad, she thinks Toya is self-absorbed and lacks self-awareness. And things could be better if Toya would just apologize for calling Quad’s place a “bullsh*t a*s apartment.” But since she hasn’t, Quad will continue to come for her.

Back at Simone and Cecil’s home, Simone shows Cecil a local news station’s report about Lisa Nicole. She was running a Covid testing lab, but people have been complaining that they never got the results. With Simone planning the town hall event, this report doesn’t make Simone feel confident about doing the event with Lisa. And Simone is anticipating Heavenly saying, “I told you so” after she told Simone not to do an event with Lisa.

Scott shuts down.

While Contessa is on FaceTime with her Life Coach, she gets upset after Scott jokes and says that she likes to complain. They end up having a tough conversation not too long after about their marriage. Scott says he talked to a life coach but he hasn’t paid her yet. And they started speaking several months ago.

Contessa doesn’t believe this since Scott has never been open to therapy. Regardless, Scott says he’s spoken to this life coach periodically. And he hasn’t given her a dime. In a green screen interview, Contessa says she never knows what’s real and what’s not with Scott.

As the conversation goes on, Contessa gets emotional. She tells Scott they are disconnected and he runs away when she talks about taking steps to fix things. Scott gets annoyed and walks away.

Lisa explains.

Despite her reservations, Simone moves forward with her town hall event with Lisa. The event is supposed to urge the people in Georgia to get out and vote during the senate runoff elections as well as discuss what other political positions are important.

After the event wraps up, Lisa talks about the accusations. And she says there was a delay in getting test results back because there was a spike in Covid cases. Lisa isn’t actually under federal investigation and that needs to be known. She and her husband Darren were just sending the results to another company to finish the process and there was a huge delay. Plus, they had their attorney send demand letters to the company to get some answers.

Regardless, the ladies move on from the topic. And Simone announces that she and Jackie are inviting all the ladies to a fun trip to Jekyll Island.

Anila storms off, Quad and Toya make progress.

When Simone tries to get Anila and Toya to hash things out, the conversation gets nowhere after Anila gets fed up and says she never talked about Toya. But Toya dogged her out and she’s over it. Anila then storms off.

Simone goes on to tell Toya that the issue is Toya doesn’t want to be vulnerable with the rest of the group. And when Quad comes around, Simone says that Toya should just tell Quad that she doesn’t like it when she comes for Toya’s finances. Regardless, Toya apologizes for the comments she made about Quad’s home. And Quad appreciates the apology.

Anila goes to Jackie’s home. They briefly discuss Toya and Jackie says she’s never seen Toya this frustrated before. But she’s a softie and if Anila wants to fix things with Toya, they just need to talk things out. Afterward, Jackie lets Anila sample her new skincare line.

Heavenly and Lisa clash, again.

On the day of the Jekyll Island trip, Lisa pulls up to Jackie’s office with an RV. Although things start off positive, the ride goes left after Heavenly tells Lisa that she didn’t have the equipment to do Covid testing. Lisa says this isn’t true and they weren’t the only ones who sent the results to a third-party company.

Screaming ensues and Lisa calls Heavenly a “bully a*s b*tch.” She then demands that Heavenly be put off the RV and Heavenly wants off it as well.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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