Martell Holt is Triggered When New Baby is Discussed + Melody Holt Falls out with Destiny Williams

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Martell Holt doesn’t want to discuss his new addition.

Martell Holt and Melody Holt‘s explosive moments on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” continue on the upcoming season. OWN has released the trailer and it all starts after Martell suggests that he and Melody see a counselor to work on their co-parenting.

When they get in the session, Martell opens up about his financial standing, “Financially, I’m not doing as good. I’ve been what we call stuck.” Melody says, “But you don’t get to stop because you have now five children.” This triggers Martell, “Why are you doing that?” But Melody presses on, “Cause it’s the truth.”

At this point, Martell lets Melody know he doesn’t want to talk about his fifth child, “We’re talking about the four children that you and I have.” But Melody doesn’t back down, “You have five.” And Martell has had enough, “Stop. I don’t want to talk about that at all. So stop doing it. I’m serious, okay?”

Marsau Scott later tells Martell he got what he wanted, which was five kids. He then asks Martell if he got a DNA test.

Gossip surrounds Marsau Scott.

Interestingly enough, Marsau may have his own drama to worry about after someone he knows asks him if it’s true that he has an outside child. Later on in the trailer, he tells LaTisha Scott that he wouldn’t leave her if she had a child outside of their marriage. In response to this, she tells him she would divorce him and take everything he has if he had a baby with someone else.

He later has a conversation with another friend who tells him that it comes down to deciding if he wants to stay in the child’s life or keep it moving.

Destiny Williams and Melody Holt’s friendship falls apart.

Melody introduces a woman named Tiffany to the group. Tiffany tells Destiny Williams it was awkward because she thought she met Destiny already when she saw La’Berrick Williams recently but it turns out that was another woman with him. Destiny then asks about the identity of this woman who was spotted with her husband. She feels some type of way about Melody bringing Tiffany around and they have a heated conversation about it later on.

Tiffany also tells Kimmi Scott that she heard Monster was vaping in the bathroom at his school. She relays this information to Maurice Scott.

Kimmi reaches her breaking point with Miss Wanda and ends up in a heated conversation with LaTisha over this. Plus, she has an interesting answer after LaTisha asks her if she’s ever allowed another woman to join her and Maurice in the bedroom.

LaTisha tells Marsau that she doesn’t feel like they have had a connection lately.

And Martell gets upset with Melody for making a song that referenced their messy marriage and the children were singing it. He then accuses her of “planning” the divorce.

Check out the trailer below.

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