‘Basketball Wives’ Star OG Responds After She’s Accused of Hypocrisy

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OG had a lot of people discussing colorism.

Basketball Wives” star OG had a lot of fans talking as she clashed with some of the other women on the show. While it’s not unusual for the women to feud and nearly come to blows, OG said the issue was she was treated unfairly due to her skin color. In fact, she said the group had a colorism issue. Her feelings were made known after she wasn’t allowed to sit on the stage and film the reunion with everyone else. At the time, some of the other women complained that they were afraid of OG. And they didn’t feel safe around her. OG took issue with this since she’s never fought on the show.

The following season, the topic was brought up again. OG once again explained that she felt she was treated differently because she is a dark-skinned woman. But some of the other women didn’t agree and they avoided filming with her because they felt the accusations were way too serious to accept.

Since then, Evelyn Lozada has announced her departure from the show. And she said being accused of being a colorist and racist was just too much for her to handle. Interestingly enough, some are suspecting that OG won’t be on the upcoming season either.

Regardless, OG was recently called out by some “Basketball Wives” fans. They took issue with her taking a photo with Chris Brown since he was accused of being a colorist.

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