LHHATL Recap: Safaree Learns of Erica’s Pregnancy + Yandy Discusses Fall Out with Infinity

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Marriages continue to be tested.

Erica is fearful of telling Safaree that she’s pregnant. She worries he may get upset and leave her. But she’s somewhat thankful that Safaree did recently apologize to her for tweeting that marrying her was the worst mistake he’s ever made.  Regardless of their drama, they go out to Yandy’s birthday celebration together.

When Safaree sees Scrappy, Scrappy says he and Bambi are still having tension. Bambi doesn’t want him to go anywhere while she’s pregnant but there are things he needs to be out doing for his career. While Scrappy thinks he does a lot for Bambi on a regular basis, Bambi doesn’t see it that way.

There’s someone new in Karlie’s life.

Karlie shows up with Lamar Odom and describes him as a “special friend.” This is a shock for everyone. She tells the girls they met years ago and saw each other again in Miami recently. In a green screen interview, Karlie says she wants to continue to just take things slow because she has always moved too fast when it comes to men She wants to get to know him first and work on a friendship.

Mendeecees surprises Yandy with a Rolls Royce. She’s elated and grateful that he put in so much thought into her celebration.

Safaree doesn’t want any more kids.

Scrappy and Safaree wrap up a performance and Scrappy says it felt great to get back on the stage. He didn’t want to bring Bambi because they haven’t been getting along lately. So he continues to bond with Safaree since they are both not in the best place in their marriages. And Safaree tells Scrappy he wants to get a vasectomy.

Yung Baby Tate spends some time with Guap in Malibu. They’ve known each other for two years. And Tate has been open to making a long-distance relationship work because she really likes him. Even though she wants Guap to come on her Jamaica birthday trip, Guap isn’t sure he can yet because his brother is getting married around that time.

Infinity and Yandy have been clashing.

Yandy tells Mendeecees that Infinity called her recently but they haven’t been talking as much after Mendeecees posted Christmas photos on social media that didn’t include her. The issue was Infinity chose to be with her family during the holiday but it still angered her because Mendeecees didn’t name her as part of the family. So she threatened to write a tell-all book about her experience as Yandy’s foster daughter.

Infinity plans on coming to Atlanta soon to visit and Mendeecees worries that more drama could follow. He tells Yandy to meet with Infinity first at a hotel and make sure everything is cool before bringing her to their house.

Yung Baby Tate and Guap hang out with Brittany B and other friends. Tate gets irritated with Guap because he acts differently around others and is not as into her. During a game of two truths and a lie, Guap reveals he’s not going to Jamaica. Tate feels like Guap is going out of his way to hurt her. So she leaves.

Safaree learns of Erica’s pregnancy.

Erica surprises Safaree with a “Safaree Holiday” at their house which celebrates his Jamaican culture. She even has Spice perform for him. He’s really happy about this and wishes their marriage could be like this everyday. Not too long after, Erica tells Safaree she’s pregnant. He tells her he doesn’t know how to feel because they were just starting to get adjusted to their first child. He walks off and Erica is hurt.

Infinity and Yandy’s conversation goes nowhere.

Infinity and Yandy meet up to talk. It comes out that Infinity and Yandy’s relationship became strained after Infinity began dating an older person who was toxic. This person criticized Yandy for having Infinity babysit her two youngest children while she had to work and make paid club appearances. They even threatened to call TMZ and have her children taken away. So Yandy gave Infinity an ultimatum and said she had to end the relationship or move out. Infinity continued to see the person and Yandy asked her to leave.

Infinity doesn’t feel like she should have been made to live with her grandmother. And she tells Yandy they wouldn’t be having this conversation on TV if she was one of Yandy’s biological children. She then storms off.

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