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“Love and Marriage: Huntsville” Recap: Martell Clashes with Melody & Chris

LAMH Season 3 Episode 2

Photo Credit: OWN

Kimmi and LaTisha vent to their husbands.

Kimmi’s fed up. However, she doesn’t feel like she’s overreacting regarding this situation with LaTisha so she picks Maurice’s brain about it.

Meanwhile, Latisha is at home thanking Marsau for hosting a wonderful graduation party. She even praised his plan of throwing the event when Wanda couldn’t be there as there wasn’t any drama it seems. Of course, LaTisha brings up her conversation with Kimmi. She brings up the example of Kiwuha at the reunion bringing up Kimmi allegedly being the mistress.

Next, Marsau brings up how LaTisha’s brother confronting him about an alleged outside child. Although LaTisha blames it on the blogs, she does say if he does have an outside, she’ll divorce him and take everything she has.

Melody checks Martell.

Martell and Melody are not in a good place as he’s been shading her on social media. So Melody doesn’t want to see him. But when he arrives, she keeps lets him in. Of course, they have a tense discussion regarding abiding by the custody agreement and not be shady on social media. Melody says he’s been on a media tour and even interrupted an interview Melody had.

Interestingly enough, Martell agreed to go to counseling and speak about how they improve their co-parenting. Later on, Martell was locked out of the house and had to knock on Melody’s door to be let back in. Vanessa let him this time and then uses the time to says he’s been posting disrespectful things on social media. When she says they need to talk about it, Martell says that’s not going to happen. This causes an argument between Martell and Vanessa.

Kiwuha wants to talk.

Monster’s about to start high school and Marsau’s ready to introduce him to manhood. When Maurice arrives, he talks to Kimmi and Monster about high school. Maurice learns what high school Monster wants to attend and they call Kiwuha about it. Even though Kimmi feels left out, Kiwuha wants to talk to them both. This would be the first time they talked since the reunion where Kiwuha accused Kimmi of messing with Maurice before they divorced. Kimmi lets it be known LaTisha didn’t have her back about this.

Interestingly enough, Kimmi agrees to the talk.

The next day, Melody’s at her office when she receives a guest. It’s her friend Tiffany. They met 7 years ago in Huntsville when they were part of various groups including a local chamber of commerce. Tiffany and Melody also share a bond; they’re divorcees. Their divorces are a topic of their conversation as Tiffany checks in on Mel. Melody also solicits advice on hiring interns. Melody wants to hire them from her alma mater Alabama A&M. Lastly, Melody invites Tiffany out to Destiny’s event.

Martell feels betrayed by Chris.

As this goes on, Martell stops by Chris Fletcher’s house and he looks over his shoulder if Melody’s there. Luckily, she’s not there and Martell learns the Comeback Group land finally closed with its new owner. But things turn sour when Chris brings up his conversation with Melody about building homes on the land. Chris tells Martell he didn’t want any conflict with Martell over this. Martell goes off on Chris about this, saying he should’ve talked to him about it first.

But Chris brings up Melody is the only one between them that has a builder’s license and his client wants to work with someone who has that license. At this point, Martell is irritated because he feels Chris isn’t loyal.

Martell and Melody go through counseling.

Finally, Martell and Melody meet up for co-parenting counseling. He’s skeptical about this as he didn’t like his time with Dr. Francis, saying he wasn’t relatable to him. These feelings come up during the session as he says the kids don’t need counseling. However, Melody runs down a laundry list of issues the kids are having since the divorce.

Things get tense when Melody shakes her head when Martell brings up he’s having money problems that are affecting his ability to take care of his children. Emotions run high as Melody beings to cry. When she tries to console Martell, he pushes Melody away.

This leads to even more tension as Melody brings up his most recent baby with his mistress. Martell’s angry that Melody brought that up. This also leads to an argument during their green screen interview together.

Melody reveals to the counselor the kids don’t know about his youngest baby and Martell doesn’t want to discuss it. The counselor tells her own story about her ex-husband was in a similar boat as Martell and how she carried herself when he had to tell their oldest child about it.

Despite this tension, both Melody and Martell say the session went well. In the parking lot, however, things turn for the worst. Martell brings up the conversation he had with Chris and Melody says that she’s still considering it.

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