Momma Dee Shades LHHNY Stars for Joining LHHATL + Yandy Smith Has a Message for Critics

Photo Credit: VH1/YouTube

Momma Dee isn’t happy with the current season of LHHATL.

The current season of “Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” is very different. Some of the cast members are actually transplants from “Love And Hip Hop New York.” While some viewers are in support of this, others are not.

Interestingly enough, Momma Dee recently had something to say about the changes.

On an Instagram video, she said, “I know because of Black Lives Matter Movement, that things have changed. I know it’s kind of awkward for you guys because you’re used to the fighting and all that stuff. But it’s okay, it’s okay. But I don’t like that certain people are inserted in every episode and they don’t even have a storyline. They’ve just been placed there. You know what I mean? And they give them all the checks and the coins. They’re not even from here.”

She also wanted to ensure people that she’ll make an appearance soon, “So I’m coming. I don’t know when I’m coming. But I’m just (yawns) sleepy right now because nothing excited me. But kudos to whoever’s editing. Stop editing, okay? Because you are bringing nothing to the table.”

Yandy Smith had a message for her critics.

Some fans of the show started to guess who Momma Dee could be referring to. And they suggested Yandy, Mendeecees, Safaree, and Erica could be who she had in mind.

A couple of days ago, Yandy wrote a message to her haters on Instagram. In the caption, she wrote, “I’m such a free spirit. A good person and I mind my business. People still find things to hate on. I have so much more for you to be mad at…Be patient.”

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