RHOP Recap: Wendy Breaks Down in Tears After Gizelle & Robyn Are Critical of Her Changes

rhop season 6 episode 6
Photo Credit: Bravo

On the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Potomac,” the ladies continue their time in Williamsburg. Robyn and Gizelle go off to the side and discuss Wendy. They believe she has changed a lot since last season. And Gizelle wonders once again if these changes have anything to do with the rumors about Eddie.

They bring up Wendy’s perceived changes while they are all out to eat. Wendy believes that she should be able to show many sides to herself despite her accolades. But Gizelle says she misses “Substance Wendy.”  And Robyn believes Wendy is now “loose.” Karen steps in to defend Wendy and later on Wendy actually breaks down in tears over what was said to her.

Wendy thought that Gizelle was somewhat like a big sister. And she can’t believe someone she was bonding with would say she now lacks substance.

Here’s a recap for, “Land of the Free, Home of the Shade.”

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