‘Put A Ring On It’ Star Darion Praises Kai & Says It’s Alexia’s Fault That He Didn’t Marry Her

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Darion has had a lot of people talking on social media.

Fans of OWN have had plenty to say about the current season of “Put A Ring On It.” Three couples decided to sign up for the show to put all their issues out on the table to see if they could ever make things official. They also are set up to date other people. So in the end they have to decide to either marry their longtime partner or move on to a new chapter.

Darion and Alexia have been dealing with each other for 14 years. It’s been an on-and-off relationship. And it’s been a very rocky ride, too. In fact, Darion has not been faithful to Alexia. He even fathered children outside of their on-and-off relationship. Since Darion was a member of the rap group, Field Mob, Alexia believes this would help him attract other women.

Despite Darion’s history of infidelity, Alexia was still stunned when she learned that Darion actually slept with Kai, the woman he went out on a date with. It also seemed as if Darion wasn’t going to admit that he slept with Kai. So Kai went ahead and put him on blast while they were filming the show. She did this after Darion told her that he didn’t think things would work out between them. And he wanted to sort things out with Alexia.

Well, a lot has been revealed on social media. Not only did Darion admit that he’s now with Kai but he also said that it’s on Alexia for sticking around for so long despite him not wanting to marry her.

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