‘Put A Ring On It’ Star Kai Makes Some Messy Accusations About Darion

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Darion said that he started a relationship with Kai.

“Put A Ring On It” was supposed to be a platform for Alexia and Darion to put it all out on the table. They had been in an on-and-off relationship with each other for 14 years. Things were a mess. And Darion had even fathered children during their on and off relationship. So Alexia figured that the OWN show would be their last effort to figure out if they could ever get on track and get married.

However, the show also gives the couples a chance to date other people. Darion dated Kai. And he felt like he had a true connection with her. But when he realized that his budding relationship with Kai was upsetting Alexia, he decided to ghost her for about ten days. When they reconnected and he tried to peacefully end their time together, Kai exposed him in front of the cameras. She revealed that she and Darion had actually slept together.

Of course, the revelation made its way back to Alexia. And it seemed as if there was no way to come back from it for Alexia and Darion.

Since then, Darion has hopped on social media and told a blogger that he’s now in a relationship with Kai. Interestingly enough, Kai recently made some messy accusations about Darion after fans of the show angered her with their comments.

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