‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Raq Deals with Marvin + Unique Applies More Pressure on Raq’s Crew

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On the recent episode of “Raising Kanan,” Jukebox is forced to process Nicole’s sudden death. Unfortunately, this is made even harder since Nicole’s parents blame her for everything. She eventually learns that Kanan’s drugs are the cause of Nicole’s demise. But Jukebox doesn’t think it’s fair for her or Kanan to take all the blame. In her opinion, they just come from an environment that doesn’t give them a chance at happy outcomes.

Howard tells Raq that Kanan is the person behind the blue caps. He wants to have a relationship with Kanan, and if Raq doesn’t make that happen, he’s going to let everyone know that Kanan is the son of a cop.

After Raq confronts Kanan about the bad drugs, she comes clean about her role in D-Wiz’s death. And she cuts Marvin off for his involvement.

Lou Lou gets half ownership of Crown’s record label. But before he can enjoy his future in the music business, Unique decides that he needs to send a message at Lou Lou’s expense.

Here’s a recap for, “The Cost of Business.”

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