‘Queen Sugar’ Recap: Aunt Vi Clashes With Prosper’s Daughter

Queen Sugar Season 6 Episode 2
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Prosper’s daughter arrives at the hospital.

Prosper’s in the hospital and the Bordelon’s are by his side as much as possible in the hospital. Aunt Vi tells everyone Prosper’s in a medically induced coma as doctors monitor the swelling on his brain as a result of the push by the Sheriff deputy at Nova’s vaccine drive.

Prosper’s daughter Billie shows up at the hospital and she’s angry. She tells the doctor she’s his only blood relative and wants to be the only one to receive medical details about Prosper. Aunt Vi gets the hint and sends everyone home. Outside, Micah’s on the phone but gets spooked when a deputy walks by aggressively. Hollywood snaps him out of his blackout, inviting him to the Real Spot. 

In Los Angeles, while Charley doesn’t know about the incident, she’s at a restaurant with members of the Democratic Party. They feel she has the ability to run for political office. They do ask if Charley has any personal information that they should know about and she says no.

Billie angers Aunt Vi.

At the hospital, Billie approaches Aunt Vi as they wait outside of the concussion unit. Aunt Vi signed off on the hospital putting Prosper into the coma. There’s clear tension between Aunt Vi and Billie but before they can explore that, the doctor approaches them. He tells them Prosper isn’t reacting well to current treatments and recommends a risky procedure. This leads to an argument between Aunt Vi and Billie as Aunt Vi tells her to at least consider the procedure. This leads Billie to remove Aunt Vi and all Bordelons from the approved visitor list. Aunt Vi pleads her case but the doctor’s hands are tied. Billie is Prosper’s power of attorney.

Micah reveals his run-in with the police.

The next day, Micah is still feeling angst from flashbacks of his runs in with the police. His friend snaps him out of it and they talk about what happened at the vaccine drive. This leads Micah to explain his run-in with the police and how it traumatized him. Next, Micah calls Charley to check in on her and tells her about Prosper. Charley says this she’s coming home immediately.

At the hospital, Aunt Vi calls Nova to tell her all of them are banned from visiting Prosper. Nova, who used to be friends with Billie, says she’ll reach out to Billie. When she calls Billie however, she only gets a voicemail.

She then calls Liza but due to the static, she believes her line was tapped.

Darla and Ralph Angel learn their baby’s gender.

At the hospital, Darla and Ralph Angel are told they are having a girl. 

Aunt Vi is at home and learns Hollywood wants to cancel his interview for his lounge “The Real Spot.” Hollywood feels this isn’t the time to do with Prosper in the hospital but aunt Vi insists he does it.

Later on, Darla and Ralph Angel are having a picnic. She tells Ralph Angel she’s going to do everything right this time with the pregnancy. But she did notice the hospital was understaffed due to Covid. So she suggests a home birth and hiring a doula. Ralph Angel agrees but he wants her to be safe. 

Charley makes it to the hospital and runs into Billie. Billie tells Charley she’s limiting visits. This surprises Charley who can surprisingly relate to Billie, telling her she did the same thing with her father and regrets it all. 

Later on, Nova runs into Loretta and Dominic. Dominic’s teaching at Tulane and is setting up an exhibit. Meanwhile, Hollywood shows Micah around The Real Spot. This includes the war room for serious talks and a spot where he wants Micah to exhibit his photos.

Aunt Vi’s helping a woman escape an abusive relationship.

Before arriving at the interview, Aunt Vi returns to the hotel and speaks with Celine. Celine’s worries because her son tried to text his dad and he may find the both of them. But Aunt Vi tells Celine the text message was never sent. 

Celine then pleads with Aunt Vi to talk to her son Gabriel about why they left his father. Aunt Vi explains they left for his mom’s safety and not to call his dad. After Celine and Gabriel plead with her to stay for dinner, she calls Hollywood with an excuse for why she can’t make it to the spot on time. 

Meanwhile, Darla’s cooking dinner and asks Ralph Angel to pick up her prescription from the pharmacy. He leaves after he opens up to Darla about how he felt seeing Prosper in the hospital. Charley also has her hands full with disgruntled citizens calling her. 

Nova talks to Billie.

Eventually, Nova speaks to Billie while she’s at Prosper’s. Nova pleads to Billie not to shut them out, especially Aunt Vi. But Billie says Aunt Vi needs to stay in her place and not everything revolves around the Bordelon family. She also tells Nova she offered Prosper to stay with her in Chicago but he refused. This leads Nova to tell Billie to put Aunt Vi back on the visitor’s list. She promises to do it if Nova can keep Aunt Vi in check.

Aunt Vi makes it home and Hollywood gets real shady towards her for missing the interview. Meanwhile, Dominic brings Nova a meal Loretta made as a thank you for the pie she brought them. But Nova’s stressed and talks to Dominic about the #CancelNovaBordelon hashtag trending over Nova not disclosing her past relationship with Calvin. Dominic listens and does his best to cheer her up. 

Prosper’s doing better.

Lastly, Ralph Angel heads to the hospital and panics when he doesn’t see Prosper in his bed. Fortunately, Prosper is out of his coma and walking around. Prosper makes it back to the room and Ralph Angel shows the ultrasound pic of his daughter. Prosper tells Ralph Angel he’s going to love his daughter better than Billie was loved. 

They then hug each other and tears fall.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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