‘Raising Kanan’ Recap: Revenge is Put in Motion

raising kanan season 1 episode 9
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Marvin tries to get even.

Unique is leaving the movie theater with his daughter and his crew. As Unique is getting his daughter squared away in his car, Marvin and Lil Rob roll up in a van and bullets fly. Unique ducks for cover in the car as his daughter screams in terror. Marvin and Lil Rob pull off.

Meanwhile, Jessica and Raq are in the hospital with Lou Lou. He’s alive but he hasn’t awakened yet. Jessica worries that he won’t but Raq is confident that he will. Raq plans on getting revenge very soon.

Lil Rob and Symphony are discarded.

Symphony comes by the hospital to check on Raq. He tells her Kanan told him what happened. Raq doesn’t want his support and she thinks their relationship wasn’t based in reality. So it’s over. Before leaving, Symphony tells Raq to tell Marvin that Toni can’t be trusted.

As Lil Rob and Marvin prepare to switch cards, Marvin kills Lil Rob for snitching on Kanan to Howard and Burke about the blue caps. He then sets the van on fire before driving away in his car.

Lou Lou is saved, again.

Howard is smoking a cigarette outside of the hospital. He sees two young men receive an ID card from an employee. She takes the cash and heads back inside.

The employee later distracts a police officer while the two men fake being employees and look for Lou Lou. They plan to kill him since the fire didn’t. But they aren’t successful because Howard had Lou Lou moved before they get to him. He then arrests them.

Burke is paid a visit from Nicole’s parents. Her mother Linda wants Jukebox in jail. She blames Jukebox for Nicole’s death.

Howard tells Raq that he’s going to arrest Kanan if Raq doesn’t set up a meeting for them. She agrees to it and he agrees to stay out of her organization’s business moving forward.

Kanan wants to step up.

While Jukebox is at Nicole’s grave, Burke comes by. She tells her she understands how Jukebox is feeling because she met her first love, a past girlfriend when she was Jukbox’s age. She offers to take Jukebox to get some Italian Ice and she agrees to it.

Kanan comes to the hospital and tells Raq he understands why she made the decisions she made. And he’s ready to help her get even for Lou Lou’s current state.

After they get some Italian ice, Burke asks Jukebox who killed D-Wiz and who is behind the blue caps. Jukebox says she’s not answering any questions.

Raq has a plan.

Despite their past blowup, Raq and Marvin hash things out. Marvin agrees to come back and work for Raq as long as she gives him respect.

Jukebox tells Raq about Burke approaching her. And Raq says sometimes it’s good to have cops as friends.

As Marvin is looking for music in Jukebox’s room, he finds the photos and video of her and Nicole. He’s furious. And he smashes her TV.

Howard finds out Burke has been trying to talk to Jukebox because she thinks Kanan had something to do with the blue caps. Howard tells her he doesn’t. He reminds her that he told her to back off of Kanan. And since he can’t trust her, he no longer wants them to be partners.

Marvin and Jukebox fight.

Jukebox finds Marvin in her room when she makes it back home. Marvin calls her homophobic slurs and says she got her taste in women from her mother. Jukebox spits in his face after he says Nicole deserved to die because she’s a lesbian. And God sees that as a violation. They start fighting and he chokes Jukebox until she gasps for air. He’s immediately remorseful but Jukebox leaves even though he wants her to talk about what just happened.

Raq gives Kanan some advice before he does what she needs him to do. She tells him that nothing beats a glock. And he should shoot a man twice in his heart or once in his head. He will do the deed later that night.

Jukebox tells Burke that Unique plans on hitting the cops back for busting up his re-up.

Raq goes to church and speaks to her mom. She asks her mom how she turned out the way she did. And her mom tells her that she’s a grown woman who made her own choices. And she can’t blame anything on her mother.

Kanan goes through with the plan.

Marvin pulls near the corner and hands a gun over to an affiliate in a paper bag.

Lou Lou awakens in the hospital and Jessica is the only one there to greet him.

Kanan puts on Unique’s coat which Lou Lou previously stole from his car. He walks up on Howard who he’s supposed to be meeting. Howard notices that’s not Kanan’s coat and Kanan pulls the gun out on him. Before he shoots, Howard warns Kanan that Raq is just setting him up. But Kanan shoots him anyway.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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