Momma Dee Responds After Bambi Gets Shady About Scrappy’s Money

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It’s been rocky between Scrappy and Bambi.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Momma Dee doesn’t mind being vocal about Scrappy’s relationships. And right now, she has a lot to say about his marriage to Bambi. The couple has been having a lot of issues. And on the current season, Bambi said that they have actually discussed ending the marriage. For Bambi, she doesn’t feel as if Scrappy is supportive enough. She thinks he leaves the house way too much and he could help out more with their children. Meanwhile, Scrappy says he only leaves the house to make money. And Bambi doesn’t appreciate all he actually does.

After Sierra Gates told Momma Dee that Bambi was talking about getting a divorce, Momma Dee was furious. She’s convinced that Bambi is going to try to run away with all of Scrappy’s money. So she’s ready for him to get lawyered up so he can protect himself.

While talking to Bambi about what she heard, Momma Dee told Bambi that she’s just trying to leave Scrappy and take “everything.” Bambi questioned what “everything” Momma Dee was referring to. And Momma Dee had something to say in response during the latest “Check Yourself.”

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