LAMH Recap: Martell Calls Melody A ‘Sidechick’ + Destiny’s Fed Up with Tiffany

LAMH Season 3 Episode 10
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Marsau opens up about his marriage.

Tonight’s LAMH begins in Las Vegas as LaTisha and Marsau’s trip continues. Louis is playing Horse with Marsau and Maurice and they’re talking about Martell and Melody’s shouting match. They all hope the rest of the trip is smooth sailing compared to the previous night. Of course, they have their opinions.

Marsau says both are using their kids as pawns in their fight and divorce. 

Martell joins them later on and hears them talking about Marsau reaping his surprise trip to Dr. Francis. The guys bring up how LaTisha was sending a clear signal about miscommunication in their relationship. 

The guys then bring up the shouting match but Martell feels Marsau isn’t the best person to be giving him advice. However, Martell seems receptive to Louis and Maurice.

Meanwhile, the ladies come out to the pool in their swimsuits and the guys join them. Martell goes to check on Melody when they all bring up that Melody is missing.

Another shouting match ensues between Melody and Martell.

When Martell enters Melody’s room, it’s clear Melody doesn’t want to talk to him. The pleasantries quickly subside as Melody mentions Martell walked into her room at 1:30 am. Martell says he came to apologize but Melody feels he wanted to sleep with her, which clearly was not happening after their argument.

Melody brings up how she is triggered when Martell brings up the kids during their disagreements. She also doesn’t appreciate Martell calling the music video shoot “bulls**t” and complaining about how he wasn’t invited to the single release party. 

Producers hear the argument just as it blows up when Melody refers to Martell’s side chick. Martell then raises his voice, saying Melody was a side chick to two men, including someone who had a fiancée. Everyone hears Martell raising his voice and Destiny runs back to Melody’s room. Destiny and the producers pull Martell away.

When they’re separated, Martell’s still yelling in the kitchen and Melody comes out and yells right back. Martell says Melody’s lying in his interview and that made him so angry. Marsau brings up that it’s surprising that the Holts can’t be cordial with one another.

The Whitlows ask everyone revealing questions.

Thankfully, Louis and Tiffany take control of the trip and lighten things up. But Melody still isn’t leaving her room. When LaTisha heads to the room, Melody expresses frustration over not knowing Martell was invited and LaTisha apologizes. Marsau notices the ladies ended up in Melody’s room to bring her out. Melody, whose bags are packed, will have a quick trigger if Martell keeps up with the arguing.

Eventually, Melody joins them as the Whitlows start a game where they have to answer the questions or take a shot if they don’t answer. The questions are about their personal lives and lead to very revealing answers. When Tiffany tells them to drink if they’re happy in their current relationship, everyone takes a sip except Marsau. LaTisha is annoyed with the revealing questions about their personal lives but Tiffany feels LaTisha needs to be getting it in for her wedding anniversary.

LaTisha changes the subject, asking for advice regarding keeping a marriage successful, directing the question to Kimmi and Maurice. When LaTisha asks Martell for advice, Melody rolls her eyes at it. Next, Marsau jokingly asks Destiny what she did to cause LaBerrick to leave. Destiny lets Marsau know he crossed the line.

LaTisha and Marsau open up about their marriage.

LaTisha and Marsau bring up how they fought for their marriage. She then irritates Kimmi when LaTisha brings up how Maurice’s ex said Maurice didn’t stay and fight for his marriage. Maurice says he felt it was better for him and Kiwuha to be apart.

After that question, LaTisha feels it’s ready for everyone to go out. She decided to split everyone up. As they’re getting dressed, LaTisha and Marsau say they need to have a fun night and not deal with the Holts bickering. Meanwhile, Louis tells Tiffany about LaTisha’s surprise trip to Dr. Francis with Marsau. Tiffany says those two have clear issues with communication and is surprised when Louis brings up how Marsau said LaTisha lost her confidence.

A shady girls’ night out begins.

Eventually, everyone heads out for their nights out and the ladies are first seen in a club. While out, they all have a sit-down and LaTisha brings up a surprise for Marsau; a vow renewal. Tiffany tells her from experience, Marsau needs to know about this. This also leads Tiffany to bring up the surprise therapy session. Destiny decides it’s a good time to throw shade at Tiffany and her surprise wedding.

Tiffany then brings up what Louis told her about LaTisha not being confident in herself and the marriage. This is a surprise to LaTisha and Destiny is really irritated that Tiffany is bringing up personal things again to the group. Melody, meanwhile, feels LaTisha needs to take this information in and fix her marriage.

Destiny’s fed up.

Finally, Destiny can’t hold it in and says Tiffany is really shady. She also says she was offended by what Tiffany said to LaTisha. Melody then stands up for Tiffany, irritating Destiny further.

Kimmi speaks up trying to defuse the situation.

The episode ends with Tiffany and Destiny throwing shade at one another. Destiny warns Tiffany that she has no problem dragging her before walking away from the conversation.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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