Martell Holt Says That He Could End up Remarrying Melody Holt

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Post their divorce, Melody Holt and Martell Holt are struggling to get along.

Love & Marriage: Hunstville” star Martell Holt is clashing with his now ex-wife Melody Holt on the current season. He cheated and later fathered a child with another woman. So Melody felt it was time to file for a divorce. And to no surprise, co-parenting has been full of drama. And they have lashed out at one another on the show and on social media. Regardless of the tension between them, LaTisha Scott and Marsau Scott still invited the former couple on their wedding anniversary trip to Las Vegas.

During the group’s time in Vegas, Melody and Martell have had explosive arguments. They have argued about the demise of their marriage. And Melody even brought up Martell’s baby momma and former mistress, Arionne Curry. Martell got so angry that he accused Melody of being a side chick to two other men. She denied this and they also argued about Melody’s song, “Tell Tale Signs.” Martell is convinced the song is about him. So he was furious when the children sang the lyrics.

Even though it seems as if Martell and Melody can barely be in the same space together without blowing up on one another, Martell doesn’t rule out the possibility of them being married to each other again.

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