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LAMH Recap: Kimmi’s Fed up with LaTisha & Marsau + Jaylin Speaks Up

LAMH Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

Photo Credit: OWN

On tonight’s “Love and Marriage: Huntsville,” LaTisha and Marsau celebrate 15 years of marriage this year. To commemorate the anniversary, LaTisha wants to celebrate in Las Vegas with all of their friends. Marsau agrees and they book a house in Las Vegas and invite everyone. Even Melody and Martell will be on the trip.

Melody arrives later as she wants to leave with Destiny. During the first night in Las Vegas, Kimmi is seemingly fed up with just about everyone as they laugh at jokes Martell made about her being Maurice’s former side chick.

This leads to a back and forth between Kimmi and LaTisha who feels some type of way about Kimmi allegedly telling Miss Wanda to “shut the f*ck up” which may not be true.

Lastly, Melody films a music video for “Tell Tale Signs,” and Jaylin reveals frustration after Blaque Cigar Lounge employees quit during a busy holiday weekend.

Here’s the recap for, “Sin City Showdown.”

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  1. Queen

    September 12, 2021 at 7:29 am

    I don’t like how Marsau and LaTisha are treating Jaylin. They aren’t trying to help him at all and it’s weird to me. Maybe it’s just a storyline but how can anyone own a business and not expect to do anything after hiring an inexperienced manager? And LaTisha wanted loyalty from Kimmi when she’s been calling her a side chick. Makes no sense.

    • Amc3

      September 12, 2021 at 2:40 pm

      I do not like Marsau or Latisha either. Marsau is so full of sh*t. He makes comments and jokes about everybody else and so does Latisha but they can not take it when people throw it back on them. Marsau is a sneaky little snake and Latisha hangs on his every word. Marsau puts Latisha down and he does not take her side on anything and she still goes hard for her lying man. Latisha needs to grow up. And Latisha needs to tell her mother Wanda to stay out of peoples face and out of there business if she does not want to get her feelings hurt. Wanda can not keep getting in grown people’s face talking all of that childish crazy talk and expect them to just sit back and take it. Wanda runs her mouth way too much and Kimmie is not taking that bullsh*t from her. Wanda is the one that is disrespectful because she is the one who always starts running that ugly mouth of hers and Kimmie is defending herself as she should so Latisha needs to shut up, take her shoes off and get in that kitchen and obey her husband and be the good homemaker, wife, maid and mother Marsau built her to be.

      • TNYCOLE

        September 12, 2021 at 10:09 pm

        You said everything I was thinking and what needed to be said. Spot on assessment of that lackluster relationship between LaTisha and Marsau. Marsau chose a wife he could manipulate as he knew she came from an uneducated family. It is cringeful to even hear LaTisha and her mom speak with that broken English. And, hearing Marsau use to be fat explains everything about his demeaning womanizing persona. On another note, I think the show made a bad decision casting Tiffany and her husband to the mix, they add nothing to the group. And for Tiffany to scandalize a child’s name and think their parents would not defend him is beyond belief. She makes these incriminating comments and cries wolf when confronted. Girl, crawl back under that rock you and your mediocre husband came from with that basic a$$ house and look.

  2. Kenneth P

    September 13, 2021 at 11:00 am

    I’m confused as I think a lot of other people are, too. The ending of Saturday’s episode of LAMH was stopped in a very weird place. Was Kimmi reacting to Maurice or Marsau? At first I thought Maurice was agreeing with his wife but then it appears that he is agreeing with Marsau. Very choppy editing. I love Carlos King but he’s been giving us a Tyler Perry type vibe with the editing of these episodes. However, I knew hiring Hsylin at that lounge was going to be a mistake. Family do not give you the same respect the give someone hired off the street. If the staff walked off during a busy holiday weekend, Marsau and Tisha and I would say his mom and step dad should have been in that lounge working. He shouldn’t have had to deal with that alone. And sending a nightly report would have been the LAST thing on my mind.

    • Linds

      September 13, 2021 at 11:52 am

      Latisha needed to tell her mom to stay out of people’s face cause I’m sick of her

  3. Karen Simmons

    September 14, 2021 at 1:43 am

    Yes yes and yes I agree on everyone’s point in this comment section. I pray for Latisha because she is sadly hypnotized by her lying a-s husband. He married the right one and he knows it she is quite pathetic any woman that always in any conversation need to bring up how long they were married is extremely insecure and she is sad and her mother is also sad. The fact that Ms.Wanda is always up in some body business and thinks it’s ok to say whatever she wants and they wont say something back and let her have it she is sadly mistaken. And her English is horrible and her attitude is even worse and Latisha tries but fails miserably so she’ll be happy when someone tells her mama off and then comes for her. Latisha needs to wake up and smell the coffee drink then coffee bathe in the coffee anything to wake her up about her sneaky snake in the grass because he is definitely out there doing something and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did have a baby out there maybe 2.

  4. Tommie2322

    September 15, 2021 at 5:02 pm

    I am not just angry at Marasu and Martell but Maurice because Kimmi is his wife and he should have defended her instead of laughing at her. He did not comfort her one time which is downright unacceptable. Nothing Martell nor Marasau said was funny. If Maurice cannot stand up and defend Kimmi then she needs to examine her marriage. Maurice’s ex accused Kimmi of being a side chick and with them making a joke it is even worse.

    If I were Jaylin I would quit and let them have Blaque. He has been asking for help since day one. You have to wonder why so many people quit and he was left by himself. I would not want to be at the cigar lounge by myself.

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