LAMH Recap: Kimmi’s Fed up with LaTisha & Marsau + Jaylin Speaks Up

LAMH Season 3 Episode 8
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Melody films her music video for “Tell Tale Signs.”

The episode beings with Melody filming her music video for her single “Tell Tale Signs.” The kids are at the video shoot and watch on from a distance. It was a dream of Melody’s to have a music career and she’s thankful she gets to live out her dreams. The shoot is occurring at a mansion owned by her friend Stormy.

When filming ends, Melody thanks everyone involved as her other friend Brittany stops in. Brittany looked after Melody’s kids as they completed the shoot. She also apologizes for Martell going off on them both over the kids. Brittany says Martell was in an unstable place and Melody says Martell’s actions caused all of this. In her interview, Melody says Martell did his best to get under her skin with the social media rant and Brittany was a friend to them both.

Black Cigar Lounge suffers a major setback.

Meanwhile, at Blaque Cigar Lounge, LaTisha stops in as Jaylin manages the receipts from yesterday. Things are in a bit of turmoil as part of Jaylin’s staff quit suddenly. LaTisha asks about the nightly reports Jaylin’s supposed to send. Jaylin says he hasn’t sent them because they’re understaffed. However, LaTisha gets on him for not sending in his reports. This leads to a conversation from Jaylin asking if he and LaTisha are good, bringing up her tension with Kimmi. This irritates LaTisha even further who’s already mad about Kimmi because Miss Wanda said Kimmi told her to “shut the f*ck up.”

Marsau joins the conversation praising Jaylin for his effort in keeping things afloat amid the walkout. But Jaylin delivers feedback on how LaTisha and Marsau didn’t jump in to help with the running of the lounge after parts of the team quit. Marasu’s surprised he felt that way. Interestingly enough, Jaylin keeps saying he needs help as Marsau believes Jaylin doesn’t realize the experience he’s learning. 

After this, LaTisha apologizes for what occurred when Miss Wanda came around recently and how she reacted. Lastly, LaTisha wants to plan a Las Vegas trip to their upcoming wedding anniversary and will invite her friends. Of course, Marsau wants to know if Miss Wanda will be on the trip.

Louis and Maurice speak.

Later on, Maurice stops by Louis’ office to make sure everyone is good after his confrontation with Tiffany. Maurice still wants to confirm that kids are off-limits. During their conversation, Maurice invites Louis and Tiffany to join everyone on the trip to Las Vegas.

Meanwhile, Melody stops by Destiny’s house. Destiny invited Melody over to strengthen their relationship. Destiny’s going on the trip but needs to take her son to La’Berrick’s house first. Since Martell will be on the trip, Melody tells Destiny she won’t show up in Vegas until Destiny arrives.

It’s time for the Vegas trip and Marsau and Maurice arrive with their wives and Martell in tow. Louis and Tiffany show up and make it to the party bus LaTisha and Marsau booked. Martell is ready to have a good time as a single man, referencing his time in Miami during Maurice’s bachelor party. Eventually, they all make it to the house they’re staying in for the trip.

Kimmi’s fed up.

While at the house, a very interesting conversation about cheating and the questions from Melody’s Taco Tuesday come up. Things calm down and LaTisha gets everyone ready for the pool. Shots flow and their first night seemingly gets off to a good start. Martell’s the only single person on the trip and he’s surprisingly okay with it as Melody isn’t there yet.

Before everyone gets to the pool, jokes are flying. Things get uncomfortable as Marsau’s jokes about Maurice in a “f**ked up marriage before Kimmi,” and Martell joking about Kimmi being the side chick. In her interview, Kimmi says she didn’t like Martell starting the rumor of her being the side chick to distract from him cheating on Melody.

When they make it to the pool, Kimmi confronts Martell for starting the rumor and is fed up with it all. She asks Marsau if her being accused of being a side chick is as funny as him having a side baby. Changing the subject, LaTisha, confronts Kimmi about supposedly telling Miss Wanda to “shut the f*ck up” which she didn’t do. This further angers Kimmi. Kimmi gets even angrier when Jaylin comes up. LaTisha accuses him of being disrespectful in text messages.

The episodes end in a cliffhanger.

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