Robyn Dixon Responds When She’s Accused of Being Hypocritical Towards Wendy Osefo

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Wendy Osefo isn’t on good terms with Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant.

Real Housewives of Potomac” star Wendy Osefo is not feeling Gizelle Bryant. Gizelle is the person who brought the rumors about Eddie Osefo to the group. It was rumored that he cheated. So Gizelle began to wonder if Wendy changed so much because the rumors bothered her. She had this conversation with Ashley Darby. And she encouraged Ashley to talk to Wendy. Her reasoning was Ashley could relate. Over the years, there have been plenty of rumors about Michael Darby. However, Wendy saw all of this as an attack on her marriage. She would later go off on Gizelle. When Robyn Dixon tried to interject, she caught some strays.

To Wendy, she just feels Robyn and Gizelle don’t have a history of happy relationships. So she sees them as miserable women who plot to destroy others’ marriages.

After Wendy made her feelings known to the green-eyed bandits, Robyn felt like Wendy revealed her inauthenticity. Just last season, Wendy was extremely happy after Juan Dixon proposed. So to Robyn, it just seems as if Wendy was never really happy for her. And the friendship they were establishing was never real in the first place. After revealing her feelings about Wendy to the others, Robyn said she didn’t want to invite Wendy to the wedding.

In Robyn’s opinion, Wendy’s reaction was unwarranted.

Well, some fans of RHOP feel as if Robyn is being hypocritical. They remember a time when Robyn couldn’t stand Ashley. And she went off because Ashley brought the rumors about Juan to the group.

Robyn addressed this and explained why she doesn’t feel she’s being a hypocrite.

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