Tommie Lee’s Daughter Claps Back Amid ‘The Conversation’ Criticism

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Tommie Lee regrets doing “The Conversation” with Akbar V.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” star Tommie Lee wasn’t happy when the first look at “The Conversation” dropped. The next installment features a sitdown between Tommie and Akbar V. Years ago, Akbar claimed they got into an altercation in a recording studio. So there have been issues between them since. And most of the jabs have been exchanged on social media.

To no surprise, the trailer for the show went viral. People were very opinionated. While some people felt like it wasn’t a good look for Akbar, others thought Tommie wasn’t shown in the best light. In the trailer, the two women argued and exchanged insults. Security had to step in to prevent things from getting violent.

Akbar accused Tommie of having a drinking problem. And she claimed that things went left because of Tommie. In her opinion, Tommie needs a lot of help.

As for Tommie, she feels like Akbar is just a clout chaser. And she didn’t want peace between them. Instead, she wanted some shine.

As criticism rolled in for both women, Tommie would later take to social media and say she regretted agreeing to the sitdown. Her daughter had something to say to Tommie’s critics.

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