Martell Holt & Melody Holt’s Daughter Tells Them She Doesn’t Want Them to Remarry

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The Holts had a nasty divorce.

Love & Marriage: Huntsville” stars Melody Holt and Martell Holt’s marital issues have been a hot topic on the show. Despite Martell’s years of infidelities, Melody was open to saving their marriage. And she ended up pregnant with their fourth child. However, they weren’t able to fix their marriage. Martell also impregnated his longtime mistress, Arionne Curry. So at this point, Melody doesn’t think that she can ever get back together with Martell. She’s also not interested in hashing things out with him and Arionne. For her, certain lines were crossed and there is no point of return. With Martell and Melody not being in the best place, co-parenting continues to be hard for them to figure out. It’s also been hard for them to film scenes together without having big blowups happen in front of the rest of the cast.

Regardless of how things have unfolded, it seems as if their children may still not be ready for their parents to move on from the marriage.

On the upcoming episode, the former couple tries to spend time with their children. And their daughter tells them that she doesn’t want them to get married to other people.

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