As LAMH Fans Call out Miss Wanda’s Actions, LaTisha Scott Claps Back

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As the backlash rolls in, LaTisha Scott claps back.

LaTisha Scott has defended Miss Wanda’s actions on “Love & Marriage: Hunstville.” While some fans of the show enjoy Wanda’s presence on the show, others feel as if she crosses the line habitually. But LaTisha doesn’t think she can check her mother. When LaTisha has issues with anyone else on the show, it’s Wanda who will waste no time confronting them. This has led to heated moments with Melody Holt and Kimmi Scott. Wanda has also exchanged internet jabs with Melody’s mother Miss Vanessa on Instagram.

On the recent episode, Wanda popped up at LaTisha and Marsau Scott’s 5K race. She came over to Vanessa while she was speaking to Miss Marlene. Since Vanessa was already not thrilled by Wanda considering comments Wanda made about the Holt children on social media, she wasn’t willing to pretend she was happy to see Wanda. Things became tense quickly. And words were exchanged between them. However, the most triggering thing for Wanda was when Vanessa said she didn’t do ghetto.

In a green screen interview, LaTisha said that she didn’t like the fact that Vanessa called Wanda ghetto. In her opinion, speaking properly doesn’t make someone better than the next.

Well, some fans of the show have been calling Wanda and LaTisha out in LaTisha’s comment section on Instagram. So LaTisha posted a message in response.

She wrote, “All y’all got something to say about me & my mom…as my friends like to say: ‘YOU better be PERFECT B!#$h'”

When an Instagram user said that Wanda is embarrassing herself for a check, LaTisha responded with, “Stop judging we all can do better!!!”

Another said LaTisha needs to keep Wanda off the show. LaTisha wrote, “You can stay off the show, you have control over your TV right?”

Then another fan of the show called Wanda a “lying h*g.” LaTisha clapped back. “Where’s the lie, your momma is a h*g.”


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