Martell Holt is Upset Melody Holt Took Another Man to Their Favorite Restaurant

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Melody Holt may have moved on and Martell Holt has noticed.

Melody Holt will have more drama with Martell Holt on the upcoming episode of “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” While having a meeting with both of the Scott couples, they discuss the possibility of working together again. But Melody makes it clear that she doesn’t want to work with Martell. “I’m not interested in doing anything when it comes to Martell.”

She continues, “What I would love to do is continue to do what I’ve been doing…”

Martell gets messy and interjects, “What? Neglect the kids?”

In another scene, Martell accuses Melody of having messy moments on social media. “Everything you’re doing, especially on social media, is childish. I much rather do something in your face than hiding behind a d*mn computer. And my thing is why we even discussing stuff like this, you trying to get your dude some airtime?”

After Melody asks Martell what he’s talking about, he whips out his phone and shows her a photo of another man.

“That’s what you flew in with at our favorite restaurant. How you gon take another dude? Look at that, do better.”

But Melody tells Martell he needs to worry about his own actions. “Last time I checked, I’m single. And what you should be doing is worrying about what you were doing while you were married and out in these Huntsville streets.” Martell responds with, “You too…you did the same thing I did.”

Fed up with all the accusations made by Martell, Melody tells him to show the receipts. “You’re lying. Prove it.”

The Holts aren’t the only ones to have some tense moments on the episode. LaTisha Scott and Kimmi Scott aren’t in a good place. And Melody pushes them to talk about it. Meanwhile, Maurice Scott wants Marsau Scott to take his depression seriously.


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