After Melody Holt & LaTisha Scott Break up The Last Round, Their Mothers Face-Off, Again?

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There may have been a round two for Miss Wanda and Miss Vanessa.

LaTisha Scott and Melody Holt have been trying to move past their issues on “Love & Marriage: Huntsville.” However, their mothers haven’t been as successful. On a recent episode, they clashed after Miss Wanda decided she wanted to get some things off of her chest. But Miss Vanessa had some things to say as well. She called Wanda out for the comments she made about the Holt kids on social media. And she had no problem calling Miss Wanda ghetto as well. However, LaTisha didn’t appreciate Miss Wanda being given the label.

Wanda got so heated that’s he said she wasn’t against putting her hands on Miss Vanessa. So the conversation was far from productive.

On the season finale, Miss Wanda tries to have another conversation with Miss Vanessa at Melody’s video premiere party for “Tell Tale Signs.” She says, “Can I speak with you for a moment please?” Miss Vanessa responds with, “Do I have to?”

LaTisha clashes with Tiffany Whitlow after Tiffany calls her out for their previous conversation when LaTisha said she really doesn’t know much about Tiffany besides cheating on her ex-husband and the surprise wedding.

Tiffany just feels like LaTisha was being messy. But LaTisha doesn’t understand what she did that could be labeled as offensive.

Melody has more tension with Destiny Payton-Williams at her video premiere party. Destiny doesn’t like the fact that Melody disagreed when she said she doesn’t have a village to support her. Plus, Martell Holt pops up at the event even though it was said he wasn’t invited.


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