Kenya Moore Says Gizelle Bryant Needs to Learn How to Read to End Embarrassment at Reunions

Photo Credit: Bravo

Gizelle Bryant won’t take some “reading” lessons from Kenya Moore.

Kenya Moore and her fans proudly call her the “Shade Assassin.” And over the years, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star hasn’t backed down from feuds or a moment to send shade in a foe’s direction. However, she believes her friend and “Real Housewives of Potomac” star Gizelle Bryant needs some help. This came up while Kenya was talking to her fans on Instagram Live.

One person asked Kenya why Gizelle doesn’t know how to “read” her enemies.

Kenya laughed and then revealed that she has offered to help.

“Gizelle knows I have told her every single reunion, ‘Gizelle call me first before you do a reunion.’ Does Gizelle call me? Clearly, she doesn’t. I’m like, ‘Gizelle, you are too smart, you are too pretty, and you are the face of RHOP. You cannot sit there and get read down, every single…every single reunion. You cannot be a queen if you’re getting read like that. Stop. You need to learn how to read.'”

Kenya continued, “She won’t call me. She won’t take my advice.”

She laughed some more and said that she loves Gizelle. But she tells her that she needs to work on her reading skills all the time.

Another fan said that Gizelle is messy. And Kenya defended her. “I mean people call me messy too. I mean come on, it’s a job, right? If we weren’t messy, I read when you guys are like, ‘Oh, Kenya needs to be messy.’ Stop. You can’t win either way.”

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