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‘Power Book II: Ghost’ Recap: Tariq Has a New Family Crisis + Cane Makes a Move on Monet

Photo Credit: Starz/YouTube

The investigation is ongoing.

Tariq St. Patrick dreams and the now-deceased Kanan Stark tells him he has to man up now. He can’t depend on his mother Tasha Green anymore. He urges Tariq to toss his burner phone into fire since detectives have discovered it while investigating Professor Jabari Reynolds’ death. Tariq is awakened by the NYPD knocking on his dorm room door. The police tell him to put on his shoes and come to the station with them.

Tate is back in action.

Councilman Rashad Tate meets with Simon Stern to see if he can get dirt on Congressman Sweeney. However, Simon has his own plan for Tate. He will get him a teaching spot as an adjunct professor of Canonical Studies at Stansfield. This way Tate can help clean up the school’s image amid the recent murders. Plus, Tate can get dirt on Sweeney while working the gig. Tate agrees to this.

Tariq sees his sister Yasmine St. Patrick at the police station and Cooper Saxe informs him that his grandmother Estelle Green has been charged with a DWI. EVeryone’s fine and she only hit a parked car. But she will have to stay at the station for a while as the case is being processed. Saxe also tells Tariq that he’s now working with Davis Maclean who sent him there to give Tariq an update on the situation.

Unfortunately, Yas will have to stay at a foster care home until Estelle’s court date.

Mecca still doesn’t trust Cane.

Cane Tejada goes to Mecca’s place to discuss their new arrangement. However, security cameras show that Lil Guap followed Cane there. Mecca breaks LG’s fingers and tells Cane he’s not ready to work together because he’s not even aware of his surroundings at all times. Mecca tells Cane to leave and take a badly hurt LG with him.

Saxe comes through for Estelle.

Tariq shows up to Maclean’s office to question why Saxe is now working at his firm. Maclean says Saxe is an asset they all need. Not too long after, Saxe greets them with an update on Estelle. He got her DWI charge reduced to a DAT, Desk Appearance Ticket. She will no longer have to be in custody as she awaits seeing the judge. She will be sent home instead as she awaits her hearing.

However, Yas still has to remain at a foster home until Estelle has her hearing. Maclean says that family situations like these are out of his lane, and Tariq will need more money and someone with a lot of influence to help him.

Whitman is focused on Milgram.

Detective Whitman shows up at a woman named Hannah Roth’s place as she’s leaving. He asks her how she knows Professor Caridad “Carrie” Milgram since phone records show they speak often. Turns out, Hannah is Carrie’s sponsor. Whitman wants to know more about Carrie’s relationship with Jabari.

Ezekiel Cross announces that he will be participating in the upcoming NBA draft. He doesn’t have an agent yet. His aunt Monet Tejada tells him that it’s not about him feeling ready. It’s happening whether he’s ready or not. And she’s the only person he can trust right now.

Tariq tells Brayden Weston about Estelle’s legal problems. And he is trusting Brayden to handle their drugs alone while he’s away handling family business.

Monet isn’t feeling Diana’s plan.

Diana Tejada tells her mother Monet that she’s been thinking about getting her MBA to make sure Zeke doesn’t go broke when he becomes an NBA player. But Monet thinks this is just her way of getting closer to Tariq. Monet warns Diana that having a lover makes one weak but having a partner makes one strong. And Monet doesn’t think Tariq is capable of being Diana’s partner because he’s his own man.

Tate has his first day as Carrie’s co-teacher for the Canonical Ethics class. Carrie is annoyed as Tate challenges her statements to the students. The class debates about whether selfless acts are even possible.

Tariq talks to Whitman.

Dru Tejada catches up with his cousin Zeke. He tells him that Monet wants out of the city and away from Tariq’s Course Connect operation. Zeke had no idea that Tariq was behind the clever campus drug delivery business. He’s not thrilled to learn that Monet plans on moving with the kids wherever the draft takes Zeke. A man approaches both and offers Zeke his business card since he will need an agent.

Tariq approaches Tate after the Ethics class ends. He tells him that he’s willing to help Tate with anything if Tate can help him with a family court situation. Tate wants access to anyone in the Weston family. Before the two men can come to an agreement, Whitman approaches and tells Tariq he needs to speak with him.

Whitman asks if Tariq ever heard any rumors about Carie and Jabari. Tariq said it was rumored they had a relationship. And he watched them get in an argument while he was at Lauren Baldwin’s house for dinner.

The product was tampered with.

Brayden pops up at Effie Morales’ place for business and finds out he’s interrupted her hookup with another woman. He’s hours late and Effie isn’t interested in hearing his excuses. She takes the book bag that Brayden hands to her and tells him to understand that Tariq only cares about himself. He needs to understand this if they are going to work together.

While Brayden is driving, Effie tells him to come back because the product has been “stepped on.”

When Tariq meets with Cane about the case involving Jabari’s murder, he has to leave suddenly after Brayden tells him what happened with their product.

Saxe hooks up with another lawyer named Jenny Sullivan who tells him that his client Tariq is on the list of Jabari’s advisees. On top of that, Carrie is being looked at as a prime suspect.

Effie and Brayden end up fist-fighting unhappy customers in a back alley now that it’s been discovered that the product has been tampered with.

Monet finds out about their product.

When Tariq and Diana meet up with Effie and Brayden, they are told the product is fake. So it will be Diana’s job to talk to Monet. But Monet is surprisingly cool about it. She feels Rico set her up and now that she’s killed him, there’s not much else she can do in retaliation.

Cane and Dru go shooting at a gun range to work on Dru’s skills. Dru tells Cane what happened with Rico’s product. And Cane says he has a new connect in mind.

Zeke breaks things off with Carrie after she congratulates him on being in the upcoming draft.

Whitman applies pressure on Carrie.

After Zeke leaves, Whitman shows up at Carrie’s place. He calls her out for not being honest about the timeline of her relationship with Jabari. She says she didn’t kill him and Zeke was at her place during the hours Jabari may have been killed.

Dru tells Monet about Cane’s new connect but she doesn’t want to work with anyone associated with Cane. However, her husband Lorenzo Tejada tells her to work with the connect. So she will allow Cane to move back into the house.

Cane made a bold move.

Diana goes to Effie to ask her to teach her how to move weight and go to school. Effie doesn’t mind doing this but she tells Diana to first find out who really messed up their product.

Turns out it was Cane. He switched out the drugs for sugar and tells Mecca that he did it to help his family level up. Cane says he didn’t steal from his family. He just created an opportunity they didn’t know they needed because working with Mecca is the best move for them.

Saxe informs Maclean that Tariq may have something to do with Jabari’s death. But Milgram is being looked at as the main suspect for now. And Maclean wants more information on Milgram. Neither believes she’s guilty.

Tariq gets rid of his burner phone.

Brayden is on campus doing some hazing activities with his brother Trace Weston now that he’s pledging the Kappa fraternity. Tariq takes apart his burner phone and throws it into the fire. He finds Lauren nearby and they decide to get away.

Cane moves back in and Monet tells his siblings that he found a new connect for the family. Diana begins to suspect Cane is the person who messed up the product. Monet goes outside when she hears a noise and finds the trash cans turned over. She’s also been hearing someone blast New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain” a lot as of late.

It’s the last straw for Lauren.

Lauren shows Tariq a secret spot on campus her brother discovered years prior. She gets irritated when Tariq steps away to take a phone call from Diana who informs him that more product is on the way thanks to a new connect. Tariq tries to calm Lauren down but she says he’s always distracted when it seems as if they are getting closer. So she storms off and Tariq texts Brayden that he found a great new spot for them.

Maclean goes to Carrie’s place but she doesn’t want to talk to him. Apparently, they have history, and she questions if he’s still walking around without his wedding ring. He says he wants to help her but Carrie isn’t interested.

While Zeke is hooking up with another student, Whitman arrives and demands he comes in for questioning.

Mecca is someone Monet knows very well.

Monet and Mecca meet outside of a restaurant named Junior’s. They have loved each other since they were kids. His real name is Dante. And it’s revealed that Dante used to play the New Edition song all the time for Monet as a signal. And he would knock down her trashcans and her dad never figured out it was him.

Monet tells Dante that it’s been too long for them to have anything special between them again. He hands her his card and says she can contact him if she changes her mind.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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