‘Insecure’ Recap: Nathan Finally Opens up to Issa + Condola and Lawrence Bond as Co-Parents

Insecure Season 5 Episode 7
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A spa date has been planned.

Issa is preparing for a day of ultimate relaxation. She has the joints rolled and ready when Kelly, Molly, and Tiffany arrive. They all light up and Issa lets them know their itinerary for their day of relaxation and time at the spa.

However, things get off to a rough start when Issa’s reservation at the spa gets canceled. A pipe burst and they had to close early. But this didn’t deter the ladies from finding a good time dancing to music they listened to in college. 

Issa then gets them to play their game of “questions in a hat.”

Meanwhile, Lawrence drops off his son at Condola’s and he notices large packages outside. They’re extra parts for Condola’s shelf and Lawrence offers to put it together. 

Issa vents about Nathan.

Back at Issa’s, “questions in a hat” gets serious when Tiffany asks everyone if they can see themselves with the last person they slept with. It leads Issa to explain the tension between her and Nathan. Issa’s tenant Trina knocks on her door to complain about a spider. Next, Taurean calls Molly, and everyone suspects Taurean and Molly have an attraction. 

Later in the evening, Lawrence put the shelf together and their son’s being fed dinner. Condola struggles to get him to eat food and Lawrence shows her what he does to get him to eat. This impresses Condola and she tells him he’s a really good dad. Meanwhile, they’re still getting into the questions. Molly asks them if they have one reset. While Tiffany doesn’t have one, Issa wishes she found her career sooner and Kelly’s sick of helping rich white men. 

Then, all of them tell Issa which of her exes they would sleep with and they all agree on Daniel. This leads Issa to tell them about running into Condola and Issa at the hospital. Kelli tells them about Condola and Lawrence’s tension at Simone’s birthday. Despite this, Issa feels guilty about how her relationship with Lawrence ended. 

Tiffany reveals she’s leaving L.A.

Finally, the foursome gets dressed for their night out on the town. Before they leave, Tiffany finally gives back a pair of earrings from the last time they hung out. The sentimental moment leads Molly to tell them that she loves them all. But their embrace was short-lived as Tiffany tells them about a job offer Derrek got in Denver. They all console Tiffany, letting her know they’re a plane flight away. As a result, they decide to stay in and continue drinking. 

After the baby is put to bed, Condola and Lawrence begin folding clothes together. Lawrence uses to moment to tell Condola their son is the best thing to happen to him. This causes Condola to cry herself as she tells Lawrence about possibly getting an abortion. Lawrence says it’s okay to have felt that way and doesn’t blame her for anything. 

Nathan opens up, telling Issa that he loves her.

Instead of going out, the friends get into pajamas and commence a sleepover which includes smoking on Issa’s patio. As the night goes on, Issa gets the idea to text Taurean for Molly. Before the text goes through, Dro calls. Then, Issa calls Lawrence. But Molly catches on and hangs up. She tells Issa to wait until she’s sober to decide to call.

The next morning, she texts Nathan if he has time to talk and Nathan calls back. During the call, Nathan tells Issa she loves her and this is something he never really said. He also says he was being childish about everything and isn’t leaving. When they hang up, Lawrence calls but Issa sends it straight to voicemail.

What are your thoughts about the episode?

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