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Martell Holt’s Mistress Says They Are Single + People Are Crazy to Expect Them to Be Together

Photo Credit: OWN/YouTube

Martell Holt is not in a relationship with his former mistress.

Arionne Curry has had enough of the backlash she’s been receiving from “Love & Marriage: Huntsville” fans. Her relationship with Martell Holt continues to be a hot topic. While some fans believe Martell is in love with her, others aren’t so convinced. She recently had something to say on Instagram Live about those who question why she’s not in a relationship with Martell now that he’s divorced.

“He is single. Martell Holt is single. Arionne Curry is single. Why do y’all just expect us to just run off in the sunset and be together?” She continued, “Do y’all expect me and Martell to run off in the sunset? Do y’all expect me to wanna be with a man who like…publicly we are damaged. Stop y’all…I’m not crazy. I’m not dumb. What happened happed but y’all are crazy. Y’all are crazy.”

She’s also annoyed that some have speculated she and Martell are now in a relationship because they have been spotted together. “Why he saying he single? Because Martell is single. Hit him up in his DMs. He might respond. Arionne single too, what’s up? And when I’m with the father of my child, I’m with the father of my child at that time.”

Arionne once again reiterated that she and Martell are not in a committed relationship.

“He acts like he’s single. He move how he wanna move. And Martell knows Arionne ain’t never pressed him. Arionne moves according and been about Arionne since day one.”

At this point, Arionne feels she’s the storyline on LAMH. And she wants people to stop discussing her on the show.

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